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    Is their any awards or Member Level for maximum no of Selected as Best Answer?

    There is option of select as a Best Answer on all answers of asked questions in ask expert section. Is their any special award given to the member whose answer is selected as best answer or any other benefit given to that member ?
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    I don't think so. Basing on the quality of your answer already ISC is giving cash credits to all answers. But I don't think there is any award for the best answers. But they will take that also in to account when the decide about the Wizard and star of the month awards, which are being given on basing on the quality of the answers and number of questions answered.
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    @ Ankit - No, there is none.

    @ Srinivasa Rao - "Basing on the quality of your answer already ISC is giving cash credits to all answers. " This statement of yours is misleading. ISC does not give cash credit to all answers. Only a select few responses are awarded cash credits.

    I do not think the number of Best Answers is taken into account while deciding on the Wizard and Star of the month. Your assumption is incorrect. Best Answers are generally selected by the thread initiator, editors might sometimes select a response as the Best Answer, which is rare. Only the quality of the posts and the regularity with which a member participates, in a section, is the deciding factor for such awards.

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    #608697 Thanks for the clarifications. Just a couple of my thoughts. Decision on the best answer that's withing the preview of the primary thread generator would have an inherent bias, as its human nature to like or lean towards what we are comfortable with, our likes and dislikes. For example I may strongly dislike nightlife, like a particular religion etc. So a best answer selected may sometimes not be really the best posted if you take a consensus. Secondly this concept of Best answer being rewarded has the potential of having a favorite contributor being selected often by a particular thread generator and that trend, I feel would defeat the larger interests of ISC.

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    It is the prerogative of author to select the best answer given among by the members and that is no way concerned to ISC for any up gradation of member level to the author or having any extra benefit.
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