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    Physics Question on gravitation

    Prove that the mass of an object on the moon is 1/6 of that on the earth.
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    Ms. Shankar:

    With my elementary knowledge of Physics, I can say that it can be proved that the weight of a substance in the moon is 1/6th of the weight of the same substance in the earth. This is because the gravitational pull of the moon is 1/6th of the gravitational pull of the earth.

    But the mass of a substance remains unchanged.

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    I will request that this type of queries may please be shifted to the Ask expert section so that the experienced members can give a detailed answer.
    The concerned editor may please look into this.

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    Mass will be same irrespective of gravitational force. Weight will vary based on the gravitational force. The gravitational force on the moon is 1/6th than that of the earth. So weight will become 1/6th but not mass.
    For example, if you take an object of 100 kg mass the weight of this object will be
    Weight on earth = Mass X Gravitational force on the earth = 100Kg X9.8 m/S2. =
    980 Kg m/S2 or N.
    Weight on Moon = Mass X Gravitational force on the moon = 100kg X 9.8/ 6 m/S2 =
    162.2 N.
    Hope it is clear.
    As opined by Umesh, I also feel these questions should be posted in Ask experts section.

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