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    Be healthy. Because one sick member in a family would derail the peace at home

    When the life is going on , every one would like to enjoy every bit of it. But when the life is suddenly embraced with sickness, the planning of others, the whole family gets disturbed because the attention to the affected person is must and there is no other go. Being healthy has become important to all and we should not neglect even small set backs in our health because that may lead to bigger health issues which may need total hospitalization and that would long the process to which no family member would be ready to help. So keep healthy.
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    If there is a sick member of the family ,it is our moral duty to help him. on that case, we forget about our health. It is our right to be healthy, but it is our duty to serve the sick people. I have seen people who have to serve quality, be healthy. For being healthy, taking the sick is necessary. Doctors and nurses handle these sick people, but they never fall sick. By serving the sick, it is n't necessary we fall sick.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    Yes, I fully agree. Because a sick person in the family causes loss of peace and sleep for all members of the family. We must try to remain healthy.
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    The author's view is perfectly correct. Especially if the sick one is lady,the effect is more square.Because of this only if a lady do an abnormal thing e.g,rash driving etc, many people object. When my mother got admitted in hospital,the total family members starved and got panic.

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    Yes. We should make a point to be healthy always. It is not only for the sake of your family members for your sake also. If you are sick you can't be happy. You have to spend sleepless nights and absorb a lot of pains. In addition to that, the whole family will get disturbed. They can't do their works as they will be attending the sick person. As expressed by Mohan, it will tell upon the health of the other members of the family who are attending on the sick person.
    Whether it is lady or gent the problem will be same in my opinion. If the bread winner of the family is sick, the running of the kitchen will become difficult. So irrespective of gender every body should maintain a good health for their own sake and for other family members sake.
    But unfortunately, as we grow old our dependency on others will increase. So I feel a person who is leaving this world without any pain and sickness will be the luckiest person.

    always confident

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