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    All of India runs on dynasties - Do you agree?

    "All of India runs on dynasties, why everyone is trying to single me out?", this was a question posed by one of the top political leaders of the country, none other than Rahul Gandhi while addressing the audience at California University, Berkeley (US).

    The reference of context may be different and I am not trying to quote him out of context. There is a merit in his statement, in general, which we need to introspect. We have the dynasts in every field, more in politics, film industry and even those who control the Indian economy i.e., the business class. Irrespective of talent in their initial entry into the fray, theses heir apparents are welcomed by many of us whole heartedly and they are our own making. We are the reason for their success or failure. His references made are really point worthy and we too can add many more such names who are excelling in their respective fields by virtue of the fame and name of their parents, grand parents or great grandparents.

    So, do you agree to the above statement? If not, then why?
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    Our present President, present Vice-President and present Prime Minister are not products of dynastic politics. In film-industry, Akshay Kumar, Shahrukh Khan or Priyanka Chopra are not products of dynasty. But that is not the issue. The person who has originally made the comments in foreign land doesn't have much credibility left. So, we must not give much importance to the comments made by such person.
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    I agree with the statement that most of India if not all of India runs on dynasties. This is especially true of politics, film industry and business. The observation of Rahul Gandhi is absolutely correct. Congress is accused of dynastic rule. This is also true of BJP which says it is against dynastic politics. The President, Vice- President and Prime Minister may not be the products of dynastic politics but in many State Assemblies and Parliament, we can see the products of dynastic politics in BJP. Their allies like Shiv Sena, Telugu Desam, Shiromani Akali Dal runs on dynastic politics.

    Telugu film industry is almost ruled by the dynastic politics, The families of A, Nageswara Rao, N.T Rama Rao, Krishna, Chiranjeevi and many ohers, The major business firms will naturally be under the founding families.

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    The comments made by Rahul Gandhi while addressing the audience at California University, Berkeley (US). is correct or not is one issue. But my doubt is that whether that is the correct platform for this discussion. Knowledgeable members of this form will clarify this point.
    As mentioned by the author the dynasty rule is there in many fields in India. Politics, Cinema field, and business field are the best examples for this.
    But even in this system also some merit is required for the candidate. Otherwise, it is very difficult to continue the dynasty victoriously. If the person is not capable the dynasty will end there. That is what happened in Congress now.
    As mentioned by KVRR in Telugu Cinema industry dynasty rule is prevailing. But one point, that is to be observed, is the capable person only sustained.Many NTR grandsons tried in the field but only Jr NTR is able to reach the top position.
    In TDP when NTR was at the helm of the affairs tried to bring in Lakshmi Parvathi. But Babu revolted. TDP got divided into two parties. But Babu sustained and Laksmi vanished. So the capability is very important. Even in Congress when Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister tried to rope in his second son into politics but not the elder son. Why? I feel it speaks about the need of capability. So capability speaks. Dynasty will end in the hands of an incapable hand. That is what happened to Congress now.
    I feel there is no dynasty in BJP top positions. Neither Atal's relatives or Advani's sons are made party chiefs and heads of government. To that extent, BJP is far better than all other parties including their friendly parties. I think everyone will agree on this point.

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