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    Implementation of 3R's programme in Telangana

    Recently, school education department in Telangana has introduced 3R's programme to improve the standards in Telugu, Maths and English. Teachers have to prepare plan to implement this programme. In this plan, teacher makes the pupil to achieve competencies such as reading and writing in Telugu and English languages and to do addition, substraction, multiplication and division. To achieve this, government directed teachers to make the action plan from 45 to 60 days. They have to conduct the tests for every ten days. From the feedback, teacher has to plan teaching strategy for next days to achieve the standards. As ISC members in your area or through any other means if you observe this programme, mention your views on it.
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    I have not observed this program anywhere. But from your posting, I understand it is a good initiative. Many children nowadays are not very eager to learn languages. They think that is a waste. But fluency in at least two languages is a must. One is our mother tongue and another one a most common language with which you can manage anywhere. So if this program is implemented by the teachers even though it is time-consuming for them, the students will definitely get benefitted.
    These days additions, subtractions, multiplications, and divisions are being done by the calculator in our smart phone. We need not worry about it. But simple mathematics is a must for any student. We used to bye heart mathematical tables. But nowadays I am observing that no body do that. Probably technology made our life easy. But again I say that basics are very important.
    Over all the program appears to be good and useful to students.

    always confident

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    In fact every Private school in Telangana in particular and schools in Hyderabad in general are following their own lesson plans which are submitted long back to the management and every teacher has to follow the same. Probably the government also felt that the government teachers should also follow some set programs otherwise the whole subject cannot be completed as there would be so many holidays and strikes given lay off to the schools often. Moreover the teachers in government schools are not particular about finishing the portions before every term exams. So following lesson plan would be good and important.
    K Mohan
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