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    Crackers should be banned, Say no crackers.

    It is essential to protect the cultural heritage, on the other hand, it is equally important to protect the nature. the crackers that we burst on Diwali and Chhath day release toxic gases and pollute the air and water. These are the main agent of noise-pollution. People, mainly teenagers feel very happy in disturbing the sick and old people. The celebration should be celebrated by cleaning the houses and neighbourhood, performing puja, distributing sweets among poor and helpless. Lighting the earthen lamps. Crackers are illegally made. Govt . should ban it. Are you in favour of banning the crackers or not?
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    From the view point of anything it may be correct to some. But I do not agree as this practice followed in India since generations,why should we give up?Moreover so many families are depending in crackers manufacturing business in sivakasi. If we ban it is equal to ruin the total business and involved families. Secondly yearly once we are enjoying,we should not ban but with much care we should use crackers.

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    Although I personally don't like cracker, I don't advocate banning it. Many people burst crackers during festivals and marriages. So, it should not be banned.
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    It is true, that crackers are creating pollution. But it is a sentiment that we should use crackers on Deepavali day and on other important functions like marriages etc. There are many crackers which will not give more sound and those are not very toxic also. There will not be any sound pollution with those crackers and they will act as insect repellers. If the consumption of crackers is restricted to those items which are not giving much sound and not emitting harmful gases, we may not have much problem. However, I like to say that crackers making are not illegal. There is a Department in Central Government of India under the Industries Ministry, called Petroleum and explosives safety Organisation(PESO) who will give licence for the manufacture of these products. There are many companies making these products with proper licence and infrastructure. But in some places, people are making them illegally. There is a Research Centre in Tamilnadu for developing environmentally friendly crackers under the PESO.
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    Bursting crackers does cause so many issues to people who suffocate from breathing problems, heart patients and it causes much more damage to the environment.

    People burst crackers for every small celebration, they do have emotions attached to it. Though bursting of crackers is only for a single day, that one day the level of pollution level is more than enough to make anyone sick and cause very serious injuries.

    Banning can cause adverse effect instead if the decision is taken from one's own will to avoid bursting cracker would be much better or may be a government should come who can ban bursting of crackers just like few ban's which is already done irrespective of people's emotions and choices.

    Banning of bursting crackers, smoking, drinking and many such practices will not be possible to ban at least in the present scenario though we know that it is very injurious to health.

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