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    Why mummy, daddy when we have sweet words in our mother tongue.

    We are in this world because of our parents. Whenever we are in trouble or whenever we are having an injury we remember our mother in our mother tongue. India is having many regional languages. In all languages, we have very sweet words for calling our parents. In Telugu, we call mother as Amma and Father as Nanna. Similarly, there are sweet words in all languages. In our childhood days, we used to call them using the mother tongue words only.
    But of late children stopped calling their parents with words of their mother tongue. Irrespective of their mother tongue everybody started calling them as mummy and daddy. What is the reason for this? Is it an indication of our greatness or our culture or it gives a feeling that you are rich.
    For me, I feel our words are sweet. I always like my children to call me Nanna. I trained them the same way. They always call me as Nanna only.
    I like to know the ideas of other members on this issue.
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    A very nice thread by the author reminding us for our cultural ties and to rekindle them.
    Actually a long time rule of Britishers in this country has left big impact on our culture and we are so much fascinated by their living and styles that we unknowingly copied a lot of things from that alien culture.
    Mummy and Daddy are the reminiscent of that time. These words and many other words have been used by us so sparingly that we feel as if they are the words belonging to our own language.
    There are many languages in the world which have taken words from other languages due to cultural mixing subsequent to wars and acquisition of other lands by the invaders.
    So we should feel proud while using our own language words but at the same time we have absorbed these words in our language willingly and at this stage there is no way to get rid of them.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I call my parents as Pa and Ma sometimes when I call them Papa and mummy I feel that it's so formal since I am already used to calling them by that name but today after reading your post I will definitely ask my parents about their preference, how they would like to be called as.

    It definitely doesn't give us a feeling of being rich, we feel comfortable calling them Pa/Ma, it gives us a sense of closeness.

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    In Thirukkural,Tamil doha-2lines poem,it was told,'yaazhinithu kuzhalinithu.....' which says those who were not hear the tender words of children will say the sound of flute or veena is pleasant. Like this,the calling of children in mother tongue is pleasant over anything. Making the children to call as mummy,daddyis all only to attract others with humbag.

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    I am totally against those children who call their mother as Mummy and Father as Daddy. In Tamil Mother means Amma, When you say this word, it comes from the deep heart. And when you call the mother as Amma, she gets emotionally connected with the child and attends immediately. Like wise for father we call as Appa. Again Appa is the word which comes from deep heart. The bonding between the child and father would be great by calling as Appa. Modern parents feel that their children should call them Mummy and Daddy, but the elders in the same house would insists the the child address the parents as in their own mother tongue.
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    Calling mother and father as mummy and daddy is the product of English medium education. As already pointed out in above responses each language has got its own characteristic titles for father and mother. In Malayalam father is 'acchan' and mother is 'amma'. I think the parents are responsible for allowing their children to call them by these names, daddy and mummy. In my family no child uses these titles to address his or her parents. From the very early days of the child the titles acchan and Amma get established in their mind. I have not come across daddy mummy culture in any of my relatives family too. Hence what I feel is that each parent can train their wards to the local usage.
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    It is right that we should speak in our mother tongue. Mumy and daddy is the adopted tone during and after the British era. But since we all have got used to it and so we follow. Earlier times , people used to say their parents as "Ma" - to the mother and "Pitaji"- to the father in Hindi. This was the purest way of calling our parents. But in our trend today, it has become a trend to follow the western pattern.
    Today, we can find people trying to westernize their living. Because of this , way of speaking has enhanced totally and people speak purely in english and their 2 or 3 years children too. They do not even normally talk in the native language. So, how will this mumy and daddy culture can go, if this scenario continues.
    People today are forgetting the Indian culture and adopting western culture, which has caused all these changes.

    Do what inspires you !!

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