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    Should India also prepare for a war like situation now starring at the world ?

    North Korea is going on developing its Military might and also showcasing its strength to the world and that is one way giving a challenge to all the super powers in general and US in particular to have duel with it. On the other hand US also giving stern warning and the sanctions through UN on North Korea as US has the guts to bring sanctions with overwhelming vote against NK. In this situation there is every possible of war being triggered. In that case are we the Indians ready for any such eventuality ? Or we shall propagate peace ?
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    It's easy to instigate a war but takes lots of efforts to maintain peace. I hope peace prevails but at the same time, we should be well equipped and not lag behind if at all we will face with any emergency situation. We should be well-equipped to protect ourself but not to use as a weapon on others for no reason.

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    War is not a good sign that for countries like India. So we should not provoke others and start a war. It is better to solve all problems diplomatically. The recent issue with China is solved in a similar fashion. War is destructive and it will have lot of impact on economy. So for any country it should be the last option.
    But we should safe guard our country's independence. So we should be ready any moment to face any eventuality. We should be able to reply anybody who provoke us.

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    No, India should not prepare for a war. War is not good for any country. It brings destruction. War brings death and misery. It does not solve any problem. India believes in peace. Peace is necessary in the world. So, we should try to bring peace in the world.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    Ms. Indu Singh: I strongly object to your view. "If you want to live in peace, prepare for war". India's history of last 3000 years has taught this. Alexander destroyed the progressive civilization of India's north-west. The Shaks, Huns, Mughals, Pasthuns, Portuguese, British and Chinese in 1962 did this. So, please don't propagate your theory which is dangerous for the integrity of the nation.

    India traditionally followed non-expantionist policy. India never attacked other countries. But that doesn't mean India would not prepare for war. We must be ready to save this great civilization from invasion from north, west, east and far-east.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    We must understand that North Korea aided by Soviet Union ( Russia) and China and South Korea aided by US are technically still at war since no peace agreement has been signed since 1953 Armistice. This is why war exercises are being carried out by U.S and South Korean navies and counter missile programs by North Korea and vice versa. And also as I have mentioned in my previous thread on the topic "Is India losing in the world re- alignment" where I have explained how Cold War dynamics has shifted from trans Atlantic to trans Pacific with same oppenants on both sides this is a war symbolising re-alignment. Now the present crisis can be referred to Cuban missile crisis where both sides were always on brink or war but war never happened. This is war not in conventional sense but war of phsycological attrition where enemies perseverance is tested. Here military strength matters less and it is more about Manouvering the situation. Even a single wrong move by any side will readily in complete defeat of the side which made the wrong move. Both North Korea and U.S. are experts in that making it difficcult to ease the situation. Both sides are testing each other's perseverance.
    Here the attrition is aided by economic capabilities and this is why U.S with its influence in U.N is creating an economic blockade. Korea is responding by missile tests making it phsycologically difficult to continue further blockades. In this North Korea is aided by Chinese which was already waiting for an opputunity to dump its excess forex reserves which is becoming a trouble. So in reality this is actually an economic war between Chinese led block and U.S led block. This is a prelude to "Great game east " of 21st century as Cuban missile crisis was prelude to Cold War.
    In this Indian position is very clear. India is non commital on the issue and has allies with U.S in great game east. India's main responsibility now is to reduce its defence expenditure on massive weapons and focus on personnel training. India must divert its resources from defense to domestic economy which is the battle of the war. Because in this phsycological war the main motive of enemy is to continue war like stuation so we spend more on defense draining the economy. This what exactly happened in soviet split of 1991 which marked the end of Cold War with defeat of Russian block. Russia was concentrating on defense expenditure by using its oil straining its economy finally collapsing.
    India must not repeat history and become aware that this is economic war world over between two blocks. The fight is for supremacy and nothing more, Because no more communism capitalism debate and almost all governments are same. US is as communitic as china and china is as capitalistic as U.S. let us how this new great game east unfolds which will dominate political scnece for atleast next 25 years.

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