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    Have you missed anything while engrossed in doing things that you love

    Well, I have missed many things due to my writing and reading habit.

    I once forgot to go to my tuition classes during my 10th STD as I was so engrossed in reading a book from the library that I forgot that time flew by, I only realized it late in the evening after I finished reading my book. I was so embarrassed to give this excuse to my teacher.

    Today, I missed my cab while reading the forums in ISC, it was so interesting that I didn't realize that my cab passed by right in front of me. So Silly of me!

    Have you missed anything like this?
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    It happens sometimes to many of us. Especially when we are immersed in some thing in which we are very much interested, we will forget other things.
    One of my friends used to say that he is concentrating on his studies. He was mentioning to me that he even forgetting taking coffee or meals also because he got completely immersed in studies. Till his mother comes and reminds him he was not even bothering about his food also.
    One day I was alone in my house. My wife and children went to our native place to attend some function. Just I opened my laptop and started searching for some subject and reading the important items from the search. Late in the evening, my wife called me on phone and she was enquiring about my visit to the doctor. Then only I remembered that I have an appointment with Doctor for my dental problem.

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    No. I guess I'm too anxious to do that. I always remember the works I need to do.
    But sometimes I don't pay enough attention while watching a good TV series or reading a book. I mess up things those times.

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