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    Honesty is the best policy - but do we really follow it?

    Honesty means when you are completely true to yourself and to everyone around you. There is complete truthfulness in you. Honesty makes a person real in words and in his image. It makes your reputation good. Honesty follows a very famous saying "Honesty is the best policy" - which means being honest is the best part one can do. It will lead to good and positive outcomes. Being honest is the best thing a human can possess in himself and it is really not an easy task to be.
    At earlier times, people used to be like that, they used to have a simple way of living with satisfactory amount of income to survive. Honesty was the key to happiness that time. People used to love their job and their families equally and will never lie to their parents, even if they would undergo hard times, they remained true to their loved ones.
    In today's time, honesty has slowly gone missing. We are trying to live a luxurious lifestyle inspite of not having enough money. We are lying to ourselves. The first form of dis-honesty comes here.
    Next, at our workplaces, we go , we are doing our work, but if something is missed our not correct. We try to fix that out and sometimes even give a clear lie to the customer, understanding that the mistake is at our part. Trying to create a fake image in front of others- an image of show-off. This is another form of dishonesty. So, we are breaking our own policy.
    Somebody wants to meet up, our closed one, but we are enjoying doing something else and we do not want to go, we make up another lie , now again we broke our own policy. Inpsite of knowing that we had time, it is just our mood that did not allow and so we lied to our friends , or relatives.
    This way, the form of dishonesty continues, and we slowly and steadily keep breaking the policy of honesty. This is actually the way people are behaving these days. The title has just remained a said quote now and its significance does not play a bigger role.
    We need to be more focused to make honesty a key to our happiness and understand the value of it. It makes a person trust able and valuable.
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    Do what inspires you !!

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    No doubt honesty is the best policy and that is proven time and again beyond doubt to every one. But in this world of cunning attitude and selfishness, sometimes we have to be matching with those who are dishonest , otherwise we will be treated like a football and played all over the life. But honesty is the hall mark of our character through which others gets impressed especially the elders. Those who are honest , even the God would help us and safeguard from the evil mongers worst designs to deceive them. Nevertheless having less friendship and moving with educated and known persons would inculcate good habit and pure honesty. And mind it if you are honest and pure, the other person who is known for his bad behavior in the past may repent and learn from you. So by being honest we can also change the bad persons and there by bad society.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Why do people become dishonest at times? There are plenty of reasons. I was given a task to complete within a stipulated period of time. I tried my best to do it but somehow failed to maintain the time period due to reasons beyond my control. What should I do then? Simply tell a lie to hide my incapability.
    I have been asked to reach home on time as there is some ritual to be performed. Though I have committed but the burden of work at office compelled me to stay beyond normal working hours and I couldn't fulfill my commitment. I have to tell lies that I was caught in a traffic jam or so and so. Am I dishonest? I don't think so. Here, the order of priority worked and I had to take the decision depending on the situation.
    So, even if we try to remain honest, we fail sometimes and we make ourselves unfaithful to our own conscience.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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    Honesty is the best policy. I agree. But it should be two sided. Not one sided. What I mean is you are honest to your core, but the other person is not, then the honest person will be in difficulties. In the present day world, honest people will never get rewarded. If my boss is giving me some theory, if I say honestly that his theory is wrong and prove it also, he will be very unhappy with me because I proved him wrong. He will try how to sideline me or how to get rid of me. But if I say you are correct. We go in that direction and ultimately if we fail also. But you are safe. The boss is very happy with you. There are people who are very honest to their core. But this world will take them for a ride.
    KCR wanted Telangana. So he has gone to Sonia and told her that if separate Telangana is given, he will merge his party in congress. She believed and bifurcated the state. Once the work is over KCR never cared for Congress and he has become the CM. Ultimately he got his work done. People are very happy with him. So sometimes honesty may not give good results also. So I feel a thorn is required to take out a thorn.

    always confident

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    Honesty is the best policy in an ideal world filled with like minded people who live with noble intention. We live in the world where in you see many people around you committing more than one of the seven deadly sins of man (greed, pride, gluttony, lust, sorrow etc). In such a world if one were to practice honesty, he is certain to become history in no time. There are many reasons why humans are not honest starting from the small kid who tells a little lie of tummy ache to escape homework to adults who are dishonest to earn enormous money to fuel their greed and grand lifestyles.

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    Honesty is definitely an adorable trait and its presence makes thing fair and factual. Unfortunately due to cut throat competition for survival, greed for materialistic things, nepotism and corrupt practices in public and private institutions people are using unfair and illegal means to get success at any cost. During this pursuit the concept of honesty has been pushed to back seat.

    It is harsh and blunt to say that but it is the fact which we are experiencing day by day in todays society. There are very very few people who are honest and believe in fair play. Many persons at higher level and positions are showing a bad example of dishonest practices and are openly lying to hide their ill deeds.

    So in theory we all agree that it is a best policy but in practice many of us deviate from this great pledge.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In the story of vikramathithya,there was a sub story-king placed a huge jar in a public place to chek the honesty of his people with an announcement to pour a cup of milk by each one. Next evening king shocked to see that the jar was filled with only water as every person poured water as nobody knows. Similarly many peole donot follow honest in them but expecting from others.

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