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    Apart from regular education also learn some trade which would be useful to earn second income !

    It is the fact that those who are well qualified, being professional or having some trade education can only survive in this world and by virtue of it they would earn handsome money. Though we impart education to our children which are connected to one stream and the job would be commensurate with that education. But if the student also envisages interest in some trade like electrician, mechanic, auto mechanic and other trade, there are every chance to earn second income , even working with regular employment. Any takers for this ?
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    Besides Regular study, students should give training of trades like electrician, mechanic and other trades.
    The regular study doesn't give practical knowledge to students. So Govt. of India has started Skill Development Program to train the students. Skilling is very necessary for students. Skilling makes them smart enough to do other jobs with their regular jobs. Trade education is necessary. In Basic, Education Bapu provoked to give handicraft education. Basic Education is the need of time. It makes students practical enough.

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    Basic Education is important for all to have a good journey in this world. After getting the basic education, one should try to develop a specialization field which will help in getting a good job and survive.
    As expressed by Mr. Mohan the specialization what we are doing can earn a job in that field and we can survive. But if we have an additional skill in our hand if will come in handy to manage the family in case of any problem to our regular employment. Even during regular employment period also, if we have a skill in our hand that can be utilized by us in our spare time to make some extra money.
    One of my friends was working as a general manager in a private company and earning a good salary. He practiced astrology during his spare time and earned a very good name. Now he has resigned from the job and became a full-time astrologer.
    I feel everyone should have a second source of genuine income. For that these trades and specialties will come in handy. Ladies while managing their house are trying to earn some money by doing tailoring and other similar jobs without moving out of their house.
    It is always good to have an additional skill in our hand for a better life.

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