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    Online earning through AdSense is some what hard

    Most of the people who want to earn money through online they go behind AdSense. I have the opinion about it in two ways.
    1) Blogging is one idea. But, it is very hard to get the traffic to the blog because it should be updated and the content to be very niche.
    2)Working in adSense revenue sharing website is another idea. Easything in it is it has traffic already that one can get result for little bit of work. The language should be used in it to be error free which is either grammar or spelling. If it so, then editors are simply remove the rights to write anything in such websites. This is my opinion about AdSense towards blogging and revenue sharing sites.
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    It is true that earning through Adsense is very difficult. First of all these days getting approval from them has become very tough. Earlier days many people through this channel got their Adsense's account approved. But now it is taking a lot of time for that. I think members who contribute more in articles section may be getting it easily. But who are active in the other sections are, not getting this approval.
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    For that matter earning money either through hard work or through on line is different and difficult. Why because one must match to the expectations of the internet user. What the internet reader needs, what information you can provide to suffice his need would decide the amount of traffic to your content. If the content is general and very useful to every one, naturally the visits to the page would be more. Moreover people are looking for new information and not off the mill knowledge. So when you present something different which is difficult to understand would be visited more.
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    My personal experience with AdSense that I had started blogging in blogger website before coming to ISC. After 6 months of writings in the blog about Physics, I got approve from AdSense but doing inactivities I banned from adsense. Again my wife started as member in ISC and completed the eligibilities to get AdSense approval. With my personal experience, I am aware of not doing inactivity. On other hand, in ISC, AdSense revenue was increased drastically comparing with blogging with which I had disappointed.

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    When the internet was in developing stage and blogs, forums, question - answers etc were introduced by various sites and revenue sharing programs became talk of the day through google or you tube or to that matter any other good site, many people joined the fray and took advantages in financial forms also in addition to become known and recognized in the online world.

    Today we are entering internet in its advanced stage where there is a scramble of online workers or intellectuals to get recognized and in turn to get a portion of the shared revenue. It is almost a cut throat competition today and there are hundreds of site which are giving good remuneration for online content but the problem is there are a large number of people aspiring as well as actively engaged in that.

    So in nutshell yes, we can generate revenue from online but it will require lot of hard work and dedication of our time if we want to gain financially from online activities. At the same time if money is not the motif behind our active participation then one can enjoy social life in internet by actively participating in facebook, twitter, whatsapp and many similar platforms where one can pass time without bothering for financial gains.

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