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    When will we get rid of social evils?

    Humans are social animals. Without society we can not think of our existence. We live among other folks and enjoy life with them during various festivals and functions.
    There are many things in society which are praiseworthy like helping each other, respect elders, create a friendly atmosphere etc.

    At the same time there are some deep rooted evils in society which are now customs and practices in vogue. We hear dowry deaths and other crimes related to ugly traditions in a particular community. Terminating pregnancy in case of girl child is the ugliest of all. There are many such ill deeds in society. We can imagine how beautiful this world would had been if these inhuman acts were not there.

    What is your opinion? Will we be ever free from these evils?
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    I agree with your thoughts. There are many evils in our society. We have to come out of those practices. Then only we can say we are human beings. As you said humans are social animals. I feel animals have some ethics. No tiger eat another tiger. No elephant will kill another elephant for its well being. Always animals take care of their tribes. But there are people who never bother about fellow humans and always try to achieve their selfish goals. In that trials, he never bothers to kill the humans also if he feels they are the hindrances.
    As you said dowry deaths, terminating pregnancies are to be stopped. My feeling is these days many other evils in the society are coming down. Olden days caste system and treating the people basing on their caste, not giving equal rights to some castes were existing. But it is good that now in these days those systems are gone which is a very welcome aspect. The other evils should also come down. Every one of us should try towards that.

    always confident

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    I agree, we humans being the social animal, have created a thought of socialism in our head. What will the society think of her, what if she getting pregnant without being married? What if the girl does something wrong before marriage? These are highly vague thoughts that our human society still holds and will not be forgone. Because, every single person is thinking from a society perspective, all of us, either its you or me. What do you think?

    We all watched a movie "Pink" , that came few months back. We all saw the conversations and the happenings that the girl faced. Having seen that was a movie, the girl got justice. But in real life scenario, things are highly different. One such social evil existing in our society is the "death of girl child". It has decreased now to a lot extent but still we can find multiple cases on it. The girl baby just starts to make formation inside her mother's womb , as soon as the family gets to know about it , if they are against a girl child , they will make her die inside the womb of the mother. Without even thinking how much this could harm the mother physically and mentally both.

    These are some devilish people who still exist in our society. Most of such cases seem to happen in the rural areas. Government must impose strict rules on these bad acts by people. And create awareness and useful campaigns on saving the Girl child.

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    As long as bad elements are on the prowl, there is going to be uneasy calm and the matters wont be that easy and smooth. Same is the case with social evil. Demanding dowry would be continuing and what really astonish me that those who qualified as doctor or engineer, they get dowry automatically even before asking. Such is the practice in the society. Even some educated persons does not demand dowry means, it is seen that some weakness in the health of the groom.. So dowry has become a compulsion to accept to keep the society shut. And getting rid of girl child at the fetus stage itself is a great crime. The government must strictly enforce the law and see that no private clinics are allowed to determine sex identification test and they must be disqualified from practice. Daughters are the pride of the home and nation. Without daughters the future generation may miss the brides. So parents must think this too.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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