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    Managing the time is the best way to spend it.

    Managing the time is the best way to spend it. We have the same amount of time to do, whatever we want, while others complain about not having enough time for what they want to do. Discipline is necessary for managing the time, people, who spend their time making the time table and being disciplined become successful. in my opinion,
    make a time table before starting of the day.
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    What you have stated is absolutely true. There is so much that can be achieved, within a short time, if we organise ourselves. People generally procrastinate – instead of doing things that have to be done; they choose to loll around, doing things that are not constructive.

    I also believe that maintaining a schedule can help you save time and effort later. Here is an example, I recently visited a friend's house and the lady was in the kitchen, cleaning the baffle filters of the chimney. There was an impenetrable layer of oil and gunk accumulated on it and the poor thing was really struggling. Even the DIY YouTube videos weren't of any help. Her relatives from America were scheduled to arrive the following weekend, so she wanted to clean up our house for them. Had she set a monthly cleaning schedule she wouldn't have such a tough task at hand because it wasn't just the chimney, the kitchen cabinets too needed to be cleaned. The chimney was so choked that it wasn't working to its capacity.

    I have written two articles on the benefits of organising time –

    Set a morning routine to set the pace for the day
    How to make your weekend improve your work week

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    Planning is very important to manage the time properly and get results in time. A detailed program of the things to be done in the present week and a general planning for the works to be completed in the month should be ready with us to manage the show as per the requirement and complete all the tasks without many hazels.
    Even students who are preparing for their exams also should have a plan to complete their chapters without waiting for the last moment. If we are not completing the syllabus well in advance we may have to face a big problem at the time of examinations.
    I feel ladies are very good in time management. They manage the kitchen and house very nicely with a very good planning. They have multitasking skills. They are very good managers. My wife plans next days items for breakfast and lunch one day before and she even sizes the vegetable for tomorrows lunch tonight itself.

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    There is the famous quote, ' time is money '. So the utilization of time in a planned manner will no doubt result in better success. Very often who complain about lack of time is wasting the same. Activities if done based on a time table will result in good returns. Hence one must judicially utilize the available time.
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    My point of view here is,though the time precious,we have to prepare the schedules with some percetage of margin as the contingency may affect our schedule. One of my relative very calculative in anything, once missed his train at central as his calculation of traveling time from his house to railway station went wrong due to unforeseen rain and traffic jam.

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    Trying to add on something different to what others have already mentioned - Time is the essence of life.When we find a little free time what some of us do is waste it in idle chatting, gossiping, flipping through papers, dreaming or brooding about something unpleasant event in our lives. A glimpse at the Life of Mahatma Gandhi in prison will reveal that Gandhiji, instead of wasting time in prison, engaged in teaching discipline and daily order to other prisoners, learnt many languages, learnt about other religions and cultures.

    Usain Blot who ran less than 10 seconds in a race, is estimated to earn Rs 13,00,000 per second in a year.This to me reflects the value of time, the disciplined way in which he has spent time over many years planning and training to reach this level. It's easy to say that I don't have enough time but yet there are many people who do much more than others in the same 24 hours that all of us have. Planning our day and prioritisation of the daily tasks from an early stage helps us to achieve better.

    The other aspect is the quality of time we spend. One of my friends used to say, I set apart 15 mins each day to read about something creative and 30 minutes a day to spend with my children where he listens to his kids (stories, school experiences, how they played). I had never done this, once I started, I realised its value compared to endlessly pressing the TV remote button. If anyone has a 5-year-old and has not done this, try this for a week.

    As years flash by we suddenly realise that children are grown up, the charm in a couple has worn out a bit and we wish we had done things differently. So many life skill books encourage us to set a couple of days every 6 months or a week every year to sit down and spend time on analysing how the time of our lives(6 months or 1 year) has gone by and its impact on our personal, family, financial and social aspects of our lives.

    The clock never stops ticking and time never stops flying, so it's up to us to change ourselves to utilize time in a more constructive way.

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    Time is the most intriguing factor in our life. It is limited and flows only in forward direction. Time lost is 'time lost' for ever.

    Under this guiding principle it is imperative that it is to be spent in most effective and meaningful manner.

    The author has given an idea for making a time table. Yes, it works to a great extent. Only thing is person should also be vigilant about various unforeseen events which will change this time table to great extent. It does not matter as one can always redraw his activities cycles in a dynamic way accommodating all those new elements.

    So following a time table is definitely a great idea solving many problems in time management process.

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    Nicely said by the author. Managing the time is the great art and not every one is accustomed to it. In this regard I wish to mention here that I had been one of my friends house and he was not there and his wife told me that he would be back in 20 minutes and wait. I waited for him and while talking to me , she was dicing the vegetables and also preparing the food and in between she was talking to me. As soon as my friend came, he advised her to prepare food so that we have the lunch for that she already done that. My friend and myself got surprised that even without telling she has done the multi tasking with ease and that is celled best use time.
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    Time management is the most important to live a disciplined and easy life. If you are awake on time, you can finish up all your tasks and will be on time for your school or office or college. If you do your tasks on time, you get a feeling of happiness and contentment in yourself. There are different ways to manage time professionally or personally.
    Proper planning is needed to do any of your projects on time or even for your personal tasks. If we are disciplined in life, we remain more active and contribute more in daily activities.
    Like in home, if we wake up early, we can help our mothers in cooking food. We can do respective tasks on time. Time can also be managed by preparing some sort of sticky notes for your work and writing on it your To-DO list for that day.

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