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    Did the government of India play any key role in the release of Father Tom Uzhunalil?

    For those who are not aware, a short summary of what happened:

    Father Tom was serving the people in Yemen when few terrorist attacked the old age home and kept him captive and had demanded ransom amount from the government last year i.e on March 2016. Despite many efforts from Indian officials and government (that's what we believe), he was not released.

    It was only yesterday that he was released, and now he is in Vatican.

    In an official statement the Omani government said, "In response to the Royal Orders of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, and as per a request from the Vatican to assist in the rescuing of a Vatican employee, the concerned authorities in the Sultanate, in coordination with the Yemeni authorities, have managed to find him. He was transferred Tuesday morning to Muscat in preparation for his return home in Kerala".

    It looked more like an effort from the Omani government though he was an Indian citizen. Why there was only a minimal effort from our government to rescue him despite many video pleading from the priest to the government?
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    I understand that our external affairs minister is also putting a lot of pressure for his release. But Omani Government has not mentioned about it diplomatically. If it says that as per the efforts of Indian Government, it gives an entirely different picture and the entire world may appreciate Indian Government more than appreciating the Omani Government. That is why intentionally they have sidelined that and mentioned the request from the Vatican to assist in the rescuing of a Vatican employee only. However, it is good that the person in getting released and that is more important than who tried for that.
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    I raised the issue on 26th December, 2016 in the following thread:-
    Father Tom Uzhunnalil requests the Pope and Mr. Modi

    After continuous back-channel discussion and putting indirect pressure, the relase of the Keralite priest has been arranged.

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