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    New app for learning hindi

    A new app is introduced to learn HINDI by the government. This app is known as LEELA APP.
    It was inaugurated by the Hon'ble president today. As Hindi is the national language of our country and the Hon'ble PM Wants every citizen to learn that language through this APP. Members if you know more knowledge about this app please share.
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    Great news,I will suggest many friends of mine as they more interested to learn hindi.thanks to the author

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    I heard about this app from your post only. But it is good that the central government has taken a good initiative to promote Hindi. But I don't know whether Hindi is declared as National language. Hindi is the language which is spoken by the majority of people in India. But it is never declared as a National language I think.
    But this app may be useful to the people who are interested in improving their Hindi language skills.

    always confident

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    Hindi is not the national language of India since the majority of the Indians speaks in Hindi it is assumed that Hindi is the national language, but yeah Hindi was declared as the official language. I am unsure if any changes have been made now.

    Will have to check the launch and review of the application to see how it works, but yes this will definitely help many.

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    Hindi is not the National Language of India. In India, there is no concept of National Language, but there are twenty-two Scheduled Languages included in the VIIIth Schedule of the Constitution of India.

    I am not very sure about the success of Hindi app. I don't know how many non-Hindi speaking people would download this app.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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