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    How come many online news sites are printing the same news content without any modification?

    I am observing that many online news papers like Times of India, Business Standard, India Today, etc. are printing the same news content without modifying a single word. Is it not infringement of copyrights? I am seeing Google Ads in those pages also. Generally, Google doesn't allow copied content, then how come these established newspapers are doing so?
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    I don't think they will be exactly same. There may be some difference somewhere. Otherwise, as you said it will be a violation of copy rights only. I don't know whether the same reporter is working for all those papers. If the publication house is same for all those magazines it may not come under violation. Earlier Indian Express group is publishing one Telugu daily known as Andhra Prabha. The news in Prabha is the word to word translation of Indian express. I don't know whether the magazines you are mentioned are from the same group.
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    The author may know that there are some news agencies line PTI, ANI , NTI and so on. They have been engaged to get the news across the world and India and send the feed to all the news papers and periodicals for action. So we can sometime see same news and content too. But good editors are those who try to change the heading and content as if it was given by their bureau. Nevertheless once a news appears on the internet, it can be copied and re-written in many sites for the purpose of information. May be for that reason Google also is silent and wont impose the copy right act.
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    I'm not surprised as some many channels compete for the little tidbit of information to a major breaking news Given that the relevant matter is often less and originality is even lesser, I think many segments might appear and sound similar. I'm not sure whether these key event reports are outsourced. The one who gets it first passes on to the other channel for revenue. I agree with Mr. K.Mohan, it's not very difficult to copy paste material that is out on the internet for free or slightly modify the content and present it as an original story or news.
    I stand corrected if some of my thoughts are not true.

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