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    Trees grown along the road meridian proves to be fatal during rains as the soil loosens.

    We all know that in big cities and towns, the civic authorities are planting more trees and growing them in between the space of road meridian and thus when heavy rain occurs, the soil loosen and the tree may be uprooted even on a moving vehicle. Moreover most of the cable tv wires, internet wires are being taken above the tree as the post guard and thus the wires also pose grave problems to the motorists when the trees are uprooted. How to tackle this problem. How to have strong tree in between the roads without making it to fall fully grown during nature fury ?
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    These places we should plant small flower plants. Not big trees. Many places I have seen small plants only. Even they fall also, they will not create a big havoc. So we need not worry that much about that.
    It is not advisable to have big trees on loose soil. When heavy wind and rain comes it may uproot these trees. So we should be careful about this.
    Using these trees as post guards should not be allowed. They should make their own arrangement for these wires. Either under ground or above ground they should have their own arrangement.
    If we want to plant big trees along the road side, proper care should be taken and see that they will withstand heavy winds and rains.

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    In yesterday's rain many trees toppled as they were either too adorning the main arterial roads of Hyderabad.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This proved to be a sudden blow to an unfortunate family in Bangalore a few days ago wherein sadly a family of three lost their lives. Many of the trees along the sides of the streets and the median are often old with very little native ground around it. The areas adjoining the trees are often dug up for drains, laying cables, laying optic fibres for the internet and water pipes which weaken the ground Heavy rains and wind lashing these already old trees with many dead limbs are vulnerable to come crashing to the ground. I am sure many other countries also would face the same issues, it would be interesting to know for experts. In the interest of public safety, these trees should have a regular inspection by the city corporation or toll agency or highway authorities wherever relevant so that weak or trees at risk can be cut down to prevent damage to property and loss of human lives.

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    So happy to plant trees in houses at available places. But the pity we faced is when the damage happened through tree falling during last flood/cyclone in Chennai as no Govt.authorities helped in removals and private parties demanded a huge amount. Among the sorrow on loss inside the house,such people blamed themselves for planting trees.

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    Even in highways also we have a problem with small plants and trees planted in between the opposite roads. While we drive our vehicles, suddenly some persons or animals emerge out of these plants, which will cause utter confusion leading to accidents. In highways, vehicles will generally be driven fast and if there is sudden appearance of something from nowhere, it is very difficult to control the vehicle.

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    The planting of trees along road side is for various benefits like shadow for the pedestrians, environmental reasons, beautification etc.

    Unfortunately the problem lies in selection of trees for road sides as well as their plantation mechanism. The road side trees should be more straight and ornamental rather than the huge banyan and peepal trees extending their branches over the roads and proving hazards for passing trucks. Another important thing is how they are planted. Normally in our country once the road is complete and footpath are concreted then we make small holes in concrete and dump the trees in that and there is no soil beneath and even if the tree grows it will fall down on the first few rain spells.

    We are simply planting trees and counting how many we have planted and making a hue and cry out of that. Strictly speaking a big hole of 1-2 feet diameter and deep in the earth at least to 6 feet and filled with soil so that it connects to the soil beneath is required to plant a tree then only its roots will be firmly fastened to the soil. Once it is deeply planted it will rise with a thick stem and will stand the rains easily. The concrete which killed it earlier will now anchor it from all sides and protect it.

    Anyway these are the things known to the contractors but as no one insists them to do so they are happy with their shabby work. There are many advanced countries in Europe where a lot of trees and vegetation is there but they do not have such problem of falling trees with simple rains.

    Knowledge is power.

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