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    Should India invest on Ahmedabad -Mumbai bullet train project by Japan @1 lakh crore ?

    We all know that Prime Minister Narendra Modi joined hands with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, to lay the foundation stone for the ambitious Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project, which will cost Rs. 1.08 lakh crore with a completion date of 2022. When India is demanding the center to finish so many pending projects of National Importance, Modi government giving priority to this project is getting rave criticism from opposition parties which says that land and money comes from India and the profit would go to Japan ?
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    Leaving apart the politics and government policies, the question we should ask is Are we ready. Just think of the fate of the 'Tejas Expressed' launched recently. In this so called luxury train people had ripped away headsets, display tabs were vandalised and or stolen. This unfortunate event makes us ask in what society we live in.

    Apart from the cost and profits, just consider the key factors infrastructure, land for tracks and stations ( have to be ear marked or bought with compensation), fail proof security at stations and level crossings. Once the project is completed then comes the problems of staffing and maintenance sourcing and finance. The current Indian train accidents in recent times are likely because of track failure. Would be interesting to know the logistics, pros and cons of this bullet train.

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    Recently we are witnessing many train accidents. Majority of them are due to problems in railway tracks. So what is the maximum speed our tracks can withstand is an important point? So my opinion is that the need of the hour is how to improve the present system. Instead of spending such a huge money for one single route, if we spend that money for upgrading the existing system that will be more useful to passengers. If we concentrate more on safety of the journey, there will not be any necessity to frequently change the railway Ministers. Safety of the passenger is to be given maximum importance. Making accidents and giving some compensation to victims is not the final word. So I am not able to get convinced this plan even though I support the present government in many issues. It is not the time for bullet trains. It is the time to take care of passengers safety.

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    This is not only a prestigious project but also an ambitious one. At one side we are having lot of problems with traditional slow train system and at the other side going for this fast one. Though success of our metro projects inspires us to go ahead but the hurdles and litharginess of Govt systems discourage us.

    From international political point of view it is a bold step by the present Govt who wants to take India ahead in international scene.

    Whether the scheme will be successful or not this only coming times will tell but it is a welcome move.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The world is moving in a fast pace. We cannot lag behind. So somewhere and somehow we have to make a start.
    But as Natarajan doubted, I also have the doubt- are we ready. Before starting was there any proper debate and expert evaluation cost-utility effectiveness? Resource is still scarce and precious for us. We should not land in a debt mess.
    My concern is that it should not turn out to be a smart pushing of other nation's commercial interests on us.

    However now that it has been officially launched, we the citizen have to be vigilant and obsrviant to see that nation's interest are the prime and the project gets completed within the projected time and corruption does not enter at any stage and money is not wasted.

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    Technology and technological developments moving at jet speed in the present day World. So it is not bad to invest for the future so that we can progress along with the other advanced countries. Already we are lagging far far behind in technology when compared to Japan, China, Korea etc. Have we thought about the present revolution of mobile phones use for communication in India? Even though our country is facing problem in providing basic amenities to all aren't we at top position in Satellite launching system? Aren't we planning for Chandrayaan? Without investing for the future we cannot expect any progress for the country. So there is nothing wrong in investing for high speed trains in India. The only thing what our government has to do is all our systems should be made to function error free.

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    With so much investment when a big public sector company was initiated means there would be continuous job opportunities for the future.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am quite surprised for the comparison with countries like Japan, Korea, Singapore etc.,who contribute 1/10th of our population or area. Their advanced development may be due to many factors but when it comes to India, so many key areas do contribute and challenge for our growth.

    Coming to the point under discussion, the project is a joint venture and we have to welcome such developments in mutual bilateral interests and also to keep up our pace in international arena. If everything is to be counted, we can't forget the fact that there is an infructuous expenditure being incurred in the name of R&D activities and every success story and a failure cost us more in these areas also.


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    No India didn't invest on Ahmedabad -Mumbai bullet train project by Japan @1 lakh crore. As bullet train is not so necessary as other projects. India most of the population has not fulfills its basic needs like water, house and clothes. Most of peoples died with diseases and most peoples died with hunger.India is not ready to for such a large expenditure on Bullet train. As simple trains are facing train incidents. The train is not in reach of all peoples and places in country. Firstly we have to focus on infrastructure and manufacturing sector in the country. Which creates jobs in India and employment is less. Speed is not basic need while employment, food, water are basic needs. First concentrate on basic needs and then on luxury needs

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    Read that today is the foundation laying ceremony for the bullet train project. If one goes by the media reports, Japan and India have forged many defence projects deals, Japan is to supply arms at a concessional price to India, It's also supposed to provide India with amphibious assault vehicles. It's also committed to provide us with aircraft for border patrol. China has already objected to the increase Japan-India arms deals. Who know's reading between lines may be its a 'bilateral trade negotiations' or a geo-political alliance happening in the background.

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