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    My journey and learning in India study channel

    Before start writing in ISC, I think only to get AdSense account. That was fulfilled after I got the eligibility. Unexpectedly I lost the permission to write articles in ISC. I lost interest writing in forum section by thinking waste of time. After a long gap, again I entered in ISC having interest in forum section. Only one reason behind writing in forum section is that writing styles of ISC members are different and vocabulary used is also very interesting. It is just like learning English practically by observing other writings in ISC.
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    It is true. We will get educated by spending some time on this forum section. Different people and different ways of words. Different people and different views. Different people and different topics. This is giving us a chance to learn not only English but also many other important issues also. I feel this is the best section among all the sections in ISC.
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    The author must note here that not every member are interested to earn money here. They are present only to improve the present knowledge and share something with them to others. One cannot deny that education is the continuous process and ISC is having the membership of people who hail from different parts of the country and world. So the knowledge transfer and understanding each thread would be different from every point of view. In fact I am going to complete 8 years in ISC and never found this site boring. That is the reason I am regular to the site and my choice is forum section.
    K Mohan
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    I agree with the above two senior member's view, ISC is certainly not a waste of time, I'm sorry if you felt like this for some time, maybe the circumstances made you feel so. Reading the various articles, forum threads and its replies is a unique experience that helps to widen our knowledge, preception and to improve our command over the language.

    I'm sure that the passion for sharing knowledge and experience among members is far more than the chance to earn some money.

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