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    Lesser-known wonder of India-Unakoti in Tripura

    Tripura is a small, beautiful state at north-eastern part of India. It is surrounded by Bangladesh at three sides. It's capital is Agartala. At a distance of about 180 km. of Agartala, Kailashahar is the District Headquarter of newly-formed Unakoti District. Unakoti is located near Kailashahar town.

    Unakoti means ''one less than a crore''. It is stated that there are almost one crore (one less) rock carvings in this Hill. However, the centre of attraction is definitely a 30-feet figure of Lord Shiva carved out of a single vertical rock face. Besides this giant statue, there are many other statues of Lord Vishnu, Nandi, Narasimha, Ravana, Hanuman and other Gods. A big fair on the occasion of Ashokashtami is held in the month of April.

    Even now it can't be determined who did these giant rock carvings. We feel ourselves very small and insignificant standing underneath these statues.

    I request Members of ISC to make a plan to visit Unakoti, another wonder of this great country.
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    Very good information by the author. Two days back only one of my colleague is talking about this place. Today after reading your post I got more enriched about the beauty of the place. I am really interested to have look that great statue. I will try to make a visit. Thank you very much for the information.
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    Wonderful information. There are cave paintings and rock carvings at many places in India but I have not heard anything in such gigantic proportions.

    We have a very big country and we do not know how many such treasures are hidden there to be discovered.

    Generally these areas get their publicity through tourists and internet sites where people comment and present their travel stories. Probably this is not a crowded place from tourist visit point of view.

    Anyway thanks for sharing such an interesting piece of information.

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    From reading this thread, I searched the internet to know more about Unakoti. What I saw impressed me and made me feel that it is equal to or better than the carvings at Mahabalipuram(in Tamil Nadu).
    What can be the reason that Unakoti did not get the due publicity and visitors it deserves? Is it because of lack of infrastructure, or is it that there are not much other tourist spots in proximity which can be connected in a circuit to have the optimum use from visit?

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    This is a great piece of information. Our country has rich heritage and culture all around its areas, either it is Qutab Minar or other monuments. This rich culture and heritage makes India most unique in its own.

    Similarly, you told about this small place in Tripura, which has beautiful carvings on it. Also, the statues of our Lords Shiva and Lord Vishnu. It will be an enriching experience to visit such a lovely place.

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    Earlier Tripura was underdeveloped and Unakoti Hill was full of jungle. Later after partition, there was a genuine problem of going to Tripura. Even now, it is really very difficult to go to Tripura from other places except going by air. The simple-minded people of the State never bothered to understand the meaning of publicity.

    Even now Unakoti Hill awaits more excavation by ASI. Interested Members may go to Agartala by air and from Agartala, they can avail taxi/bus service to Kailashahar.

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    For that matter we never get updates from the media or from any source except some floods in NE areas. Good that the author has taken interest and submitted this wonderful information about Unakoti and that seems to be a interesting place to visit and cherish carvings done on stones. From the mentions of author it seems some architects of South Kings must have visited this place and carved so many idols of single stone and thus created gigantic statues to the astonishment of all. Why the tourism department of Tripura keeping quiet in spite of such a tourist potential place to visit and earn through that.
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    We visited Agartala a few years ago, at the behest of a family friend who was stationed there, at that time. And it was with them that we travelled to this small town called Kailashahar. And Unakoti was one of the places we visited.

    Honestly, I had never heard of this place, but when I saw the rock carvings I experienced a sense of déjà vu, but then I soon realised that I had seen the same displayed on the tableau of Tripura during the Republic Day Parade.

    It is in a desolate place, but the surroundings are amazingly beautiful. It is so scenic, lush green hills, fresh air and these incredible rock carvings. It is another world.

    There were not many tourists there when we visited. It is a must visit, if you happen to be in that region.

    I recently posted an image of the place, taken years ago, when we were there on a holiday.
    Image of the historic Shivaite site in Unakoti, Tripura

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    Just seen the image posted by Juana on Shiva and that was very interesting and inspiring. That induces us to at least once in a life to that historic place. Really high potential for tourist.
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    I've read and watched the documentary about it. If we go according to legends, a relative of Vishwakarma made these sculptures. And you can see that the amount of Shiva carvings outnumber any other God. Astonishingly, this is situated in Tripura, the same city which Lord Shiva destroyed. What is left today are remnants of the great city once existed. But those are myths. And there are really a Unakoti myths about Unakoti.
    Archaeologists assume these carvings to be just 1000 years old. Then it's not a big mystery about how it's created.
    Because we had developed complex carving tools by then. Contemporary buildings and structures like Brihadeeshwara temple in Tamilnadu, explains that carving wasn't all that difficult a 1000 years ago.
    I'll make sure I visit this place once though.

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