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    Standard of Indian education system

    Indian education system is focused only on stuffing the children's brain with concepts and measuring the skill of rote memory on a percentage scale.
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    This is a very old age education system copied from our earstwhile rulers namely britishers. We have unfortunately not successful in evolving a skill cum academic system where the student opts for a job in early stage rather to go for compulsorily completing a PhD.

    Today we have plenty of highly educated people but few good and trained technicians.

    This is an unfortunate but true stage of affairs. India is such a vast country that changing the set up radically at one instant is impossible though the present Govt is slowly moving in that type of arena when strong decisions not liked by many will be taken in near future and education will be one of the areas.

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    Yes the standard of Indian Education system is more focusing on quantitative education than qualitative. Right from the pre primary schools, the children are forced to carry books to which one class work and one home work note book is must. When the education is taught on digital boards, then why the books are demanded and forced to write. So the pressure on children is increasing leap and bounds and sometimes they are resigning from study of education itself. Let the education be fun and not the burden to the student and parents. If student fail to write home work, parent has to do and submit.
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    The Education system of our country is a borrowing from British. Even Briitishers left us their customs,systems and methods they are adopting. Even today we are going by that system only. Mainly our education system is designed by remembering and reproducing system only. But there is no much about application of science in engineering is not there. There is no skill development. Even a mechanical engineer wants to sit and manage on desktop rather than going on to the machine. Many companies prefer a technician who can operate an equipment rather than an Engineer.
    This system should get changed.On job training during education is ver important. Then only we can find good engineers. Otherwise we will get people with bookish knowledge rather an application hand. The total system is to be revamped and a new system is to be evolved.

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    I agree to it that the education system is at the stage of ruining now. They just need more money, so they admit new children in their schools. Schooling has also become a business now. Children are just being told to study more. Even the focus of parents remain only on studies.
    An increased percentage is the way of judging a child and his intelligence. There is no Personality development sessions. Just a burden on their shoulders to study more and more. The fees levels are reaching to lacs and lacs. But, the status is almost same.
    What we learn and study, is just not applied in what we do in our jobs. Theoretical knowledge is fine, but no practical knowledge is being imparted. I have got to know that now there is no more marking and results are announced on the basis of grades, since grading system as already been evolved. But, they need to understand that every child is different and every child holds different capabilities. Still according to them, studies is the only way towards their growth.

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    Indian Education is far better as compared to others. It is generally understood as a form of learning whereby knowledge, skills & habits, etc... Education gives you a lot of scopes to develop yourself & it is the only way to keep learning until the last minute of your life. So, it is very important to gain Education from the right school.
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