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    A 'sloka' ( verse) indicating the importance of Mathematics

    " Yadha sikha mayooranam,
    Naaganaam manayo thatha
    Thadvad vedanga shasthranaam
    Ganitham moordhanisthitham".
    This Sanskrit verse if translated gives the meaning as: as the beautiful feather on the head of a peacock, as the diamond on the head of snake Mathematics shines on the top of all Saasthras.
    This sloka gives the importance of Mathematics among various sciences. Very often it is referred as "Queen of all sciences".
    At the same time mathematics have applications in all scientific studies. In that sense it is serving all sciences. In fact not only in sciences but also in all other subjects. Because of this mathematics is also considered as "servent of all sciences".
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    During my school days, the most abhorred person was the mathematics teacher. I am still not able to understand the reason for that. I cannot say that I always scored centum in mathematics. I used to lose a few marks on silly mistakes committed due to my carelessness and hurry. But I had one or two mathematics teachers who made mathematics really" mathemagics" and made it attractive and lovable. One of them was during my plus two classes.

    Later on I found that all sciences ultimately culminated in mathematics practically, whether we dealt in Physics , chemistry ,Economics or Engineering. "...shasthranaam Ganitham moordhanisthitham" in the verse quoted above settles that.

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    Nice shloka indicating the importance of mathematics and how it tops all the other subjects. That is true, all our life is based on calculations if we notice. The most basic example is "time". Time is variant and it is constantly running. Clock is continuously moving . Time and numbers are occurrence of mathematics.
    We pay bills , we count money, we get salaries. - full maths involved and it is involved in major tasks.
    We operate phones, dial numbers, make phone calls, to the time we go to sleep. Maths is following us everywhere.
    While working on computers also, we apply logic and there also mathematics is involved.
    So, obviously and rightly said, "Mathematics is the queen of all sciences" All subjects involve calculation in all senses.

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    From the verse it is clear that even in those days mathematics was given highest regard and many scholars have excelled in their own way in maths but never got the publicity. Thanks for sharing.
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    Mathematics is very important subject. Your ability in mathematics will make you successful in your life as all important subjects were linked with this subject. Physics, chemistry, material science, engineering, and medicine. All these subjects require some basic knowledge of mathematics. Even economics and commerce are linked with mathematics. Moreover, the astrological calculations our experts are based on mathematics only. I should always say mathematics is the father of all sciences. Your ability in mathematics will give you more active mind. The basics in mathematics are very important.
    So the fact goes as"......Shastranaam Ganitham moordhanisthitham".

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    Why not? Maths was the first subject that man ever learnt. So it's importance was acknowledged and appreciated by every civilization ever.
    That's the reason why most ancient civilizations like Egyptian, Sumerian, Indian, Greek and Chinese had excellent knowledge on maths.

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    I have heard this beautiful shloka on Mathematics for the first time. This shloka manifests the importance which ancient India used to put on Mathematics, the mother of all Sciences. Thanks, Mr. Sankaran.
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    Mathematics is a subject of great importance and is used as a great tool and method to work out the problems in science and engineering. Without mathematics we can not think of addressing or solving a scientific problem.

    The methods of mathematics were invented one after one by the great scholars and learned people and there are different methods available to do same computation. The invention of number system gave the humans a big strength to compute anything.

    Definitely it is the queen of all sciences and is the basic thing needed for any calculation or computation.

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    The title of a book written by a known Mathematician Mr. George Joseph Gheevargese is "Crest of the peacock" - Non - Indian roots of Mathematics. This book gives a detailed picture about Indian contribution to mathematics. He explains in detail about how the presently used numerals came to be known as Arabic numerals, though they originated in India.
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    Have you heard about non-human Mathematics?
    Humans are becoming incapable of handling big mathematical puzzles. Hence true mathematical proof lies outside the realm of human comprehension. Very quickly, we are becoming slaves of our own inventions
    If no human can check a proof of a theorem, it really counted as non-human mathematics. Computers will design better computers with new mathematical theorems we human cannot understand

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