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    A Malayalam usage with double meaning

    There is a usage in Malayalam language which can be read as: " irunnu unnaruthu, kitannu urangaruthu, vellatthil kulikkaruthu." This if translated into English means like this: "do not eat sitting, do not sleep lying down, do not take bath in water".
    Does it not look like absurd? But it is a meaningful statement. Do not eat sitting implies ' do not sit and eat if not hungry'. 'Do not lie down waiting for sleep, when actually feel sleepy lie down'. ' do not take bath when you are sweating, that is your body is full of sweat water'.
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    In fact the saying in Malayalam is very good and one has to take it positively instead of reading between the lines for double meaning. It aptly says that do not waste time in anticipation instead do things when demanded. Some people have the habit of eating without doing work. This proverb says that do something before eating so that it must digest. Like wise there are people who invite the sleep by forcing it. Actually if a person works and busy the whole day, the sleep is guaranteed at night. Lastly those who toil and earn have the right to live they also keep themselves clean by bathing and just for the sake of it.
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    A good post. In Telugu they say, if one is not hungry he will try to point out the food with some or other bad quality. But when he is really hungry, whatever is available he will eat.
    A person who really getting sleep can sleep on the floor itself without any bed also. But a person who is not getting sleep will not sleep even on spring bed. The person who really toils for his food never bothers about bath even though he is sweating. This all depends on the position of the person at that particular moment of time.
    Very nice sloka having two meanings and thank you for sharing a good sloka for our benefit.I take a point that doesn't eat when you don't need, doesn't sleep if you are not sleepy and doesn't take bath when it is not required.

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    In Tamil,there is saying of 'Vallalaar' who reiterates the Ahimsa to any one inthe name of Jeevakaarunyam. His , one of the statement t is 'pasiththiru,thaniththiru,vizhiththiru-moondrin muthal kittum' which literally means keep starving,secluded and blinking. But the real meaning is "Take less food,keep yourselves away from wrong ones and alert yourselves always, if doing so, you will get the first letters of the three,that is pa ta vi which means mukti. The similar literature sayings really interesting.

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