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    Tamil the second language of Haryana

    I am not proposing that it be done nor am I making a random statement. What is stated in the heading is a historical fact.

    Do you all know that Tamil was the official second language of Haryana? Tamil was declared Haryana's second official language, by the then Chief Minister, Ch. Bansi Lal. Intriguing right? Can you imagine a Haryanvi, speaking in Tamil?

    This was done in 1969 and Tamil remained the state's second official language for over 40 years, until as recent as 2010, when Punjabi was made the second language by CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

    There is a history behind why Tamil was chosen.
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    Interesting! What was the history for Haryana to chose Tamil as their second official language?

    Now I am very curious to know.

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    It was because of the Punjabi Suba Agitation that Haryana was formed. There was a lot of bad blood between people who spoke Haryanvi and the Punjabis. So, Tamil was declared the official language, to avoid Punjabi being made the second language.
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    It is very nice to know that Tamil was the second language in Haryana until 2010. Because of the differences between Haryanvi and Punjabis, Tamil was declared as the Second language in Haryana. Now Punjabi is the second language there. It is good to know. From south to other end Tamil is spread. Very interesting.
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    Really it is a news to me. This is a great news. In Aadhigrandh many spiritual matters told and if one analyse them with real but virtual intention we can see many similarities to the sayings of Thirumoolar and Tamil four saivaite stalwarts namely Appar, Sundarar, Thirugnanasambandar and Manickavasagar. Not only punjabi but all our Indian languages are somewhat similar in one another.

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    That is very interesting. Normally we never came across accepting any South Indian language as second language in Hindi belt and If Haryana has done it long back, then hats off to the then Chief Minister. By the way the for North Indians, they call South Indian as Madarasee and may be for that reason Tamil was given preference as second language. Nevertheless, other states must also emulate from Haryana.
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    It really surprises me a lot listening this. I have been living in Haryana from past 12 years. Might be as this has happened in history. I always noticed people speaking in either Haryanavi or normal basic Hindi. Punjabi is common in North India because maximum number of Punjabis are living here. Even the Haryanavi language that the people speak here seems quite rough but yes it is their way of speaking.
    It will be interesting to know the reason why Tamil was chosen as second language in Haryana, if that is the case.

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    I knew the information earlier but did not know the reason for such declaration. Today I have come to know about the reason behind such perplexing decision taken in 1969. Thanks to Ms. Juana for providing the information.
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    What an interesting bit of information. I never knew this, Tamil the second language in a northern state for 40 years. On a lighter vein, this will give our Tamil friends to something to brag about when in Haryana. I'm not sure as to what percentage of people in Haryana actually spoke Tamil. When two people fight, the third wins!

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    I understand the reason why a language other than Punjabi would be selected as a second language of Haryana.
    But why Tamil? To be honest, I don't think the natives would have welcomed a south Indian language open-heartedly.
    There are so many differences, in spelling,pronunciation, script, etc..; There's no way they could cope up with it.
    I'm sure Tamil wasn't studied by any Haryanvi person though. For most Northerners whole of the south India resembles Tamilnadu. So I can't be really very proud of the fact. But it's astonishing nevertheless.

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