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    When Kings used to mingle with public in different costume to know the plight why not Ministers ?

    The success of some of the Kings in those days, was due to their personal survey of governance by moving with the public and know their pulse through interaction. Chandragupta Maurya used to do that kind of exercise. But we have never seen the MLA's made as Ministers of different departments but never thought of visiting the problem areas and sort it out once for all. Once they become, they are more interested in inaugurations of various programs and less time given to the Ministry and department concerned. Why this lethargic attitude ?
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    I agree, the reign of Chandragupta Maurya was profound. The people of his kingdom loved him a lot, because he always did justice to his people and respected everyone. He used to travel through whole of his kingdom, in different appearance, so that nobody could recognize him and he could understand the status and living style of his people and also to make sure if there is any wrong doings going on in his kingdom. He was a great king.
    While ministers and even MLA's today, do not think about all that. It is because they just love to enjoy the luxury that they hold being a minister. They do not care about if anything wrong is happening in our country and they feel they have army and police officers to do all those jobs.
    They just want to be safe with the security that they own and just need publicity and fame. As I earlier said in one of my posts, "this is a world of show off". Same thing they also do towards people.

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    The attitude and the mentality differs. If you intend to do a work, then you will think how to do it, where to start and where to end? But when you have no intention of that work, you never plan for it. That is the basic difference.
    Olden days Kings want to see that people in their kingdom are happy. They used to see that the people live in peace without any problems. They are more interested in the welfare of the people. They always want to get a good name among the public. If anybody has a bad opinion about them, they used to worry and always try to get corrected.
    These days MLAs, MPs, and Ministers are having a different attitude. They spent money for getting that position. That position is also not permanent. Already they have distributed money for getting the votes for their election. So they will be thinking about, how to get back the money before the time expires. Make hay while the sun shines.
    So they are not worried about people and their problems. Let the people may get a bad opinion. No problems. They can manage people with money again in the next election.
    So I feel it is not good to compare those kings with these people

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    Kings in those days lived with the mentality of serving people with good deeds and took much care for them. So, they did so. Our present ministers are just to rule the state but not for the people. It is very difficulty to approach them with our genuine requirements.

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