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    Do you feel stressed with more work?

    We are living in a world of competition and continuous efforts for progress. In this pursuit we often invite more work load thinking that we will complete it within the stipulated time.

    Sometimes we are not able to complete the tasks in time and it creates a condition of stress and we are perturbed due to this imbalance.

    What should we do? Bear this stress and continue or should not take work beyond a limit? What is the opinion of members?
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    Earlier I used to take every new task as a challenge. I used to take every new task as an opportunity to learn new thing. However, over the years, this habit of mine has allowed my superiors to load more work on me. As for example, presently I am looking after three Sections whereas my colleagues look after one/two section(s) each. Even then whenever any of my colleagues proceeds on leave, his/her work is invariably assigned to me. I have to work as Link Officer. Even now I take very few leave.

    As I am nearing fifty and with the increase of family responsibility, nowadays I feel stressed when I get additional work. However, I unwind by writing in ISC and in another website.

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    What I feel that when we take the works with ease and interesting, it wont be challenging and the process would be smooth and the tasks would be completed without any mistakes or complications leading to greater work ability and ultimately finishing them with finesse. I am of the opinion that we should not fear about work pressure. Every work can be done in professional way and there is always time management which plays important role. The boss would be interested to have more works from the performer and you will be asked to do many works at the same time. Never gets agitated or irritated. Accept all the works given and assigned to you. Give preference to those which are most urgent and need to be addressed first. Some works has to be done with sequence, and that can be postponed. So on working in this pattern, the boss would be astonished and he will also oblige to give extra time to finish.
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    Yes, it is easy to get stressed, especially if you have a lot to do. I try not to get stressed, and take suitable measures to avoid it. I believe in prioritising things, particularly when there is a lot that needs to be done, within a short time. I decide which of things can be deferred and which need my immediate attention. So, this way I concentrate only on the crucial stuff.

    I take short breaks in between what I am doing, so I can distract myself and that helps calm me, a bit. At other times, I multitask, so there is a lot happening around me and with me, which helps me keep alert and proactive.

    Planning and scheduling are important. If you plan and schedule your work, then things get done on time. So, it is important that tasks are split into small 'doable' portions. And, you get a little less stressed when you work with a definite plan.

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    We all feel stressed at one point and it's at it's peek when the deadline nears. Stress can only be beaten by relaxation. If you want to erase the cause of stress, never procrastinate. But that's impossible. We always keep heaping our load to work. So to relax yourself physically, have a great bath, get yourself a full body massage and drink a lots of fruit juice. To relax yourself mentally, you need to sleep at regular times and sleep soundly. Meditation and focusing at something also reduces stress to great lengths. To help yourself spiritually, embark on a journey.
    Isolation provides you with all the answers you need. Talk to yourself. Take long walks. Talk with strangers.
    Buy things that make you happy.
    A picnic with family and friends will dissolve all the stress you possess.

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    It is very true that due to over working and handling of lots of jobs at one time one feels stressed but at the same time there is satisfaction of doing jobs in stipulated time.
    Stress is basically a mental condition accompanied by physical fatigue and harms an individual.
    It is always better if a person goes for short relaxation or break and refreshes himself before starting the work again.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    These are the days of competition. Everywhere and anywhere we have to face competition. So in such a competition, we have to perform otherwise we will perish. perform or perish is the order of the day. People who perform well only go up in the ladder. People who are ambitious will always try to see that their efforts will be recognized. In that pursuit, they will get stressed and strained. People who are smart will try to put off the show and just wash their hands. Ultimately if the boss is also of push off type, the hard worker will be working and other people who are smart will be enjoying.
    These days IT jobs are becoming very tedious. My son goes at 8.30AM and comes back at 9.30PM. Again at 10.30 PM, there will be a meeting. He is a team leader in Infosys. The second son goes to the office and comes as per the demand of the work. We don't know his timings. He works for TCS. All IT jobs are like this now. Otherwise, job security is becoming a threat.
    By seeing all this I feel really people are getting stressed with more work.

    always confident

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