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    Stop, Look and Proceed: How you can connect this with ISC ?

    When we go on the road, we find the sign board reading Stop, Look and Proceed at traffic signal point. This caution also applies to India Study Channel also. After log in we go through the forum section and stop at that post which interest to us and by looking we mean , we read the content and try to analyse whether we can respond to it and lastly after getting much confidence we proceed with responding to the thread either supporting or opposing it. Members can interpret this caution notice on the road and connect the same with ISC in their own way.
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    In our life, for each and everything we need to follow this "Stop-look-proceed. For e.g. When we take our food, we need to stop(sit) first, then look at the food served to know whether it is the right food of our taste, and then proceed to eat. Is it not?
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    Stop, look and proceed. This caution is applicable in many areas of life. When you draw cash from the bank, stop then count, once you are sure you received the correct amount of money then proceed. Lile this way we can apply this caution many places.When you want to do an experiment in the lab, first stop at the place where you want to do the experiment, look around for availability of all required materials. Once you are sure all are available start working. Like this, we can apply this point in many places.
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    I agree with it. The same process we follow in ISC. My way is to first see the topic and what is written about. Then I get into it seeing what the content says, and then if I have knowledge on it, I proceed with a comment. I sometimes do not understand the content what it says, if it is something out of my head, I just ignore it and keep looking with the other topics. This is how everything works, in this world, we first keep searching for various opportunities, if we find one and if it worthy, we make it a part and indulge in it. But, if we do not get it in any way, we just keep moving looking for an appropriate one that suits us and is being loved by us.
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    A good analogy and I also agree that we have to take the stalk of situation before going further. There are many forum threads in ISC and many of whom we like to response as we are well aware with that topic. We can not go on blindly to response all the threads.

    Whatever we want to contribute will depend on the topic. An interesting topic evokes response from even the slow member while an uninteresting one does not attract the fancy of even fast ones.

    So stop look and proceed and contribute to ISC with best of your creativity as it is a platform where success is shared with its members either in appreciation mode or financially by sharing revenue.

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