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    Simplest way to remain alive even after death

    Some years ago I read a science fiction story most probably written by Jayant Vishnu Narlikar. The story basically told that a soldier died in a war and his organs were donated to another injured soldier. The story revolved around a peculiar relationship between the wife of the dead soldier and the second soldier who received the organs of the dead soldier.

    This story and my father's insistence on organ donation forced me to think on the issue. Every year, thousands of people die-some die due to old age, some die due to some accidents. Most of them are insignificant to the world. They may have shouldered great responsibility for their families, but the society don't know about them. Their memory gets obliterated after their death. Slowly even their own family-members start forgetting them. Their memory remains framed in a photo-frame.

    Every person knows that he/she is mortal. Even then all of us want to remain alive even after our death. We want people not to forget us after our death. There is a simple way to remain alive even after our death.

    Let's donate our organs. Let another person lead a meaningful life with our organs. Let us remain alive even after our death. Organ donation is the easiest way for remaining alive even after death.
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    You explained the true meaning of immortality very well. Life conceals itself in death. Destruction is the cause of creation. But what if you could do more than just save the lives of needy? What if you could educate people after your death?
    Donate your body for science and medicine. Human bodies are ironically very rare. Medical students don't get to practice properly with the bodies they're given with. But by donating yourself to colleges you can stay alive forever and pave the way for new medicinal breakthroughs.

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    This is probably one of the best thread for sending out a public message.

    Every year in India, many young men and women, unfortunately, die mainly in road traffic accidents, on the same note, many people die for want of a good organ(kidney, heart, liver) after waiting on the transplant list. One of the Noblest Gift we humans can give is the "Gift of life". Each one of us free of certain illness is eligible to donate eyes, kidneys, liver, heart, lungs

    We all have grown up initially hearing about eye donation and blood donation, then came kidney donation and now we live a world wherein heart and liver transplants are done successfully in many Indian Hospitals.We have moved one step further wherein we hear about a heart being airlifted to a different city, a liver being transported on road via a green corridor with excellent cooperation between the police, public and the hospitals.

    We all should salute and respect the families of the individual who has just donated his or organs to help others live. Even in times of grief and sorrow, the family takes time to listen to doctors and complete the legal formalities to ensure that they're loved on lives on by donating organs.

    What is the need for the hour is public awareness and education, it is going on but needs to be strengthened and conducted periodically. We see so many full-page adverts in the papers displaying a model and a product but we never see a transplant waiting list figures (number of people waiting to get a kidney or liver) that come out once a week or twice a week in major newspapers.

    Like minded people in the society can contribute more to this awareness drive provided legal and transplant community guidelines are followed with no financial angle added to this.Every major company, hospital, and organization with influential public figures (film industry, police, army, media groups) should have organ donation campaign as part of their program for reaching out to the community.

    People in India should be encouraged to enroll for organ donation and like Western countries carry "I'm an organ donor card the size of a credit card.The government machinery should make this and the initial legal process free of cost so that if in the unfortunate event that someone (who has pledged to donate his organs) dies, then precious time is not wasted in completing the formalities to allow the actual surgeries to take place.

    The next issue is the controversial issue "Should the donor's family be compensated?". Many argue for and against this. The compensation in my view can be a momento or an Honor certificate or award that can be displayed by the families. If it goes into the aspects of money being paid out then it's gray area wherein bias and greed can creep in. If at all any money is paid, it should be within the legal framework, equal and applicable to all donors irrespective of their caste, creed, socio-economic status. A government rule laid down after discussions among the transplant committee, law-makers and public representatives from both sides would ensure transparency and a wider agreement.

    Last but not the least, we the public should get proactive and pledge in more numbers so that the wide gap in the waiting list comes down.

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    It is a good thread. By donating our organs we can be alive. That is true. Similarly, we can donate various parts of our body for the needy after our death within the specified time if those parts are removed and can be used for others, By doing these acts you can live after your death also. your identity will get changed. People will not remember you by your name. T person we got benefitted man\y remember you.
    There is another way to be immortal. Do good works while you are alive. Donate money for food donation scheme. Donate money for orphanage homes. Donate money to places of worship. Donate money for construction of choultries. There your name will be written permanently on the walls. People coming here for their necessity will read your name and thus you will be immortal there forever. This world will remember your good deeds.

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    Donating our eyes are in normal vogue, though many are not doing but some only doing silently. But the donation of kidney, eye even whole body is very good among any donation. Donating Kidney is possible even when we alive as one kidney is enough to live well so, we can donate our kidney in the very needy situation without hesitation. Radhasoamy Satsang Beas is stressing the value of Ang dhan, kidney dhan. The video released by them is giving a good picture about the ang dhan and kidney dhan.
    We can watch the same through

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    This is the most beautiful and helpful message one can ever give. Hats off to you Partha Sir.
    It is my mother who always keeps telling me "Beta, please register my name in organ donation, I want to donate my eyes after my death to the needy people." She always keeps saying and I kept ignoring. I tried that once, but was not able to get details how to do it. But, seriously this would be the best gift can be given ever to a person who really needs it.
    If possible can somebody give me some details on how to register for eye donation, I will be highly thankful.

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    Donating the organs is the most noble gesture from any person. But there are technical problems attached to it. Firstly we have to pledge the organs to a particular trust and our movements has to be notified to them. In case of our death, the organs has to be harvested within 6 hours of death. That means the death has to occur as the local place so that the organization can take out the organs for their reuse. But invariably we have seen that those who donated the organs have died some where away from the local area and thus their wish to donate remain unfulfilled and that has happened in many cases.
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    Ms. Pooja Srivastav: In another thread you mentioned that you live near Delhi (in Haryana). In that case you can contact for eye donation:
    National Eye Bank, AIIMS Campus, South Extension, New Delhi, Delhi 110029; Phone No. : 011-26589461

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    Thank you for the details Partha Sir.
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    A thought provoking thread and very humanistic in nature. I also feel that organ donation is the greatest donation in the world as it can totally change the life of a receiver from dark to filled with light.
    There are many people who believe in organ donation though still there are lot many who due to various superstitions and beliefs do not come forward.
    Anyway we should encourage people for this noble cause and try to pursue them its effectiveness for helping the humanity as a whole.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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