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    One man's job is another man's hobby

    The world is full of various types of jobs and people are engaged in those jobs for their livelihood to support their selves and their families. Jobs are generally monotonous and tiring either physically or mentally.

    A person finds some hobby to fill his life with creativity and for getting a change from the monotony. In this search people develop very interesting and unique hobbies. There after they can not imagine life without that hobby.

    Somewhere the distinction between hobbies and work diminishes and it appears that all hobbies are basically jobs taken up voluntarily by a person and all jobs are hobbies as demarcated and adopted by individuals.

    So I feel that one man's hobby is another man's job. Do you believe so?
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    During my younger days, like many other adolescent boys, I was also attracted to philately. Even now I minutely see new stamps. Last month I went to the Post Office to purchase postage stamps. When I got two new types of beautiful postage stamps, I exclaimed with joy, but the person who was selling these stamps, didn't have any feeling. New or old, he didn't bother about postage stamps-he was/is only concerned about selling these and keeping proper account.
    So, one man's profession is other man's hobby.

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    It is very true that job and hobby are related to each other in a very interesting and unique way. My hobby may be job for someone.
    Gardening is a great hobby but for the gardner it is a job.
    Similarly there are many examples where a particular job is hobby for someone and a boring job for another person.
    The author has raised a nice thread bringing this unique duality of a job.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I like to compose poems or write novels when I'm bored. So writing is kind of my hobby. But some do that like their life depends on it because writing is their job.
    So I agree that one man 's hobby is other man's job. Now this makes us ask an age-old question- Should our job and hobby be the same?
    I'd say no. That'd take away the fun out of it. And there are more complications. For an instance- I'm a painter. I made a beautiful and an irresistible painting of lord Buddha. Now even though my client offers me millions I won't sell that painting. Because I've fallen in love with it.
    Such is the difference between a hobby and a job. Your hobby is always for your suitability and your job is always depending upon your client's suitability. Hence the way of work differs too.
    It's upto us to decide, either be passionate or professional.

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    A nice thread. A hobby of me may be a job to others. Similarly, the hobby of others may be your job. That way the roles will change. driving is a hobby for me. I drive for shorter distances when I feel like. It is a hobby for me. I have a driver. His duty is to drive me wherever I want to go in my car. So one man's profession is another man's hobby.
    Sometimes we start doing something like a hobby. After practicing for some time we may feel that work to be done again and again. Thus our hobby will become a regular routine. My Journey On ISC is like this. I started as a hobby. Whenever I get some time I started working on this. But now I have become regular and search time for this activity.

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    It depends if one man's job could be another man's hobby. This world is full of various creatures. Every human creature has to earn to fulfill his needs. We are all somehow inter-related with each other. Because we all share some sort of expressions, emotions or feelings.
    Somebody like to work in technical backgrounds, while some people might not find it that interesting, they could just be doing that as a part of their job. And will be doing something interesting during their free time and which they call as their hobby. While someone engaged in their hobby and trying to make it passionately their job. They both will have a different perspective towards their job. Because one person is just having an earning with learning. But the other person has already learned a lot and now doing the same as a part of their job. So, views will somehow differ. But, this can somehow be related that one man's job can be another person's hobby.

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    When a rich man eats the peanut, it is said that he is eating for time pass. Where as a poor man eats the same peanut, people would see him down under and arrive at the conclusion that he is having poverty and hence settled for peanuts. So the author might have got my example right. What is job and hobby it all depends on person to person, their social connections, their way of making friends and above how they interact with others , including the strangers. For some people when the job is routine without any change in the schedule , then that turns out to be hobby in later stage.
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