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    Pen Is Mightier Than Sword

    The power of a pen is very high than that of a sword. What we can't be achieved by us using a sword can be achieved with a pen. The power that can be exerted by a pen is much stronger than the power of fighting. A war is always destructive. It will end in the killing. Writing is very worthy. We were taught many stories by our elders during our childhood. The morals we get from this can't be forgotten till we alive. We read many books and the lessons we learn from those stories is enormous. But, in present day scenario, we are seeing many newspapers and news channels. They are affecting the people's mind by showing the subjects as they wanted. There are many ill effects for this. So if we use it properly pen is having a capacity of bringing in many changes without any war or fight or threating.
    So your pen is very effective. Use it properly.
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    Yes it is the age old proverb and it always has the importance because as long as pen is there and writers are there to induce us to think more , we are bound to change ourselves due to total influence of the writer of any content and thus a sword which may some time fail to strike but a pen will have over all impact on the readers. Why even today the news papers are having the readers because, what ever is written, it will be there for ever and one gets inspired by the writings and the views thereof. Even the big warriors would agree that a peace process between two enemies signed as the pact can waive the war with swords.
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    An old but a powerful phrase. Pen is always mightier than sword. The things that we consider to be small play the major role in life. And very nicely the importance of pen has been explained by the author. A single use of pen , a signature of a higher authority grants access to various bills and processes. Sword just like war is the reason for destruction.
    Similarly a harsh word spoken from mouth can disappoint and impact the other person. It seems small but have a major effect. Pen is used for writing, could be in the form of signature , could be as a source for learning , could be for examinations, for form filling and many more purposes, it seems like a small thing, but plays a vital role in our lives.

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    'Pen is mightier than the sword' is a famous proverb and is very true. If a pen is used wisely, it can do things which even a sword cannot do. Here is a funny story related to the use of sword and pen.
    In olden days, the clerks employed in the king's court distributed salaries to the soldiers. Once, on the salary day, a soldier came to collect his salary. Since the clerk was busy, he asked the soldier to wait for some time. The soldier became irritated and brandishing his sword said, "I am not ready to wait. Have you seen my sword?" The clerk gave him the salary at once and the soldier went away laughing.
    During the next salary time, the soldier came again and demanded his salary without delay. That day, the clerk was inside while someone else was distributing the salary. The man looked at the soldier and said, "First show me your identification mark." The soldier showed the cut mark on his finger as identification mark but the man was not satisfied. He said, "No, it is written in the register that two of your front teeth are missing."
    The hapless soldier had to remove his two front teeth and returned with a bleeding face to get his salary.
    All that the clerk had done was to change the identification mark in the register with his pen.

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    ''Pen is mightier than sword''-We have been listening to this since we started reading books. This adage has always been quoted to stress upon the importance of education. However, recently some bloggers advocating rationalism have been killed by choppers/sword in Bangladesh. At the time of their death, most probably they thought that the adage is wrong. In the ISIS-infested world, many people may think that the adage is not always applicable.
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    Excellent thread with two related thoughts linked.

    Firstly about the 'Pen', surrender of Japan marked the end of World War II, it's no surprise that a signature 'penned' on the dotted line on 2nd September 1945 ended the great war. Similar there are many events in history and day to day life where in time and again "Pen is mightier than the sword" turns out to be true.

    The power of a few words or pages written by a knowledgeable and well-balanced mind in any confrontation almost always has a better chance of success with either side still left standing although their egos may be bruised a little. One just needs to look around, there are countries supporting terrorism to settle an issue but when it affects their own country, an olive branch is extended to us. Look at the sad loss of precious lives of children and common people in any conflict, be it Kashmir or middle east, I'm sure a dialogue process may take time but at least unnecessary killings can be avoided.

    Secondly, the appropriate use of the pen. When one maintains a high level of integrity and fairness in portraying a sensitive issue (religion, politics, border skirmishes), its impact is constructive). However, if the same issue is presented in a biased way by an author, then readers will be mislead ending in minor issues or loss of peace and property. Take for instance a public servant or a doctor being accused of committing a gross error in judgment. Even before the true facts can be ascertained, the individuals standing in society is tarnished due to trial by media. It doesn't matter later on as even if the alleged victim is innocent, he or she cannot have a meaningful return to work. The sense of fair-play is vital for the media, writers and publishers because of the enormous responsibility bestowed on them as they are accountable for the good and bad happenings based on what they pen (written or televised news) down on a particular issue.

    Maybe we should add an asterisk -PEN* IS MIGHTER THAN THE SWORD* ( * relevance depends on the intent of the person wielding it).

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