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    Now Kamala Hassan to team with Rajnikanth to start a new party alternative to Dravidians !

    Ever since Independence, the dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu are playing major role in garnering the power. Either AIADMK or DMK which were once united together and parted ways later are only preferred by voters and they shared power for many years and none could enter the TN politics and even Sivaji Ganeshan tasted failure. Now with the death of Jayalalithaa , the AIADMK cadre seems to broken up and people are not ready to believe DMK again , so Kamala Hassan has sensed the need for immediate alternative and he may team up with Rajnikanth and start a new party. Is that possible ?
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    In the area of politics anything and everything is possible. Nothing is impossible. Kamala Hassan may team up with Rajanikanth. Kamal Hassan and Rajanikanth may team up with DMK or even with BJP also. We can't rule out anything till something happens. Tamilians are very good hero worshipers like telugus. If they happened to see these two persons together, nobody can stop that party from winning. There will not be any doubt about this. Once they come to power , then starts the real politics. Who will be NO:1 and who willbe NO:2. The big game,who will be the big boss. Again they may split into two parties like DMK and AIDMK. The story repeats. The war between the two parties. Instead of that if they contest now itself separately there willnot be any tussle after election. It is better to have separate parties rather than joining together. I think this is the way the things go.
    always confident

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    If they come to the power, the seat of CM can be shared for half term each and that should not be the problem. If Kamal is CM for first term, let Rajni be Dy CM for the same and vice versa.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The late K.Balachander, legendary director was the mentor of Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth. Both of them more or less grew around the same time on the big screen. Given the enormous contribution to the Tamil Film Industry and the huge fan base of both icons, they would be a force to reckon. If the day comes true and they make the life of the common man better and enrich the state, it would be a good achievement.

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