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    We breathe our thoughts and that makes room for greater confidence.

    We breathe air that goes into our lungs and and makes us survive. This air is the room of our thoughts and nothing else. The air pumped inside us makes up our thoughts and opinions. We always breathe it every moment.
    Being confident and able to speak in a great way is a real to way to flow with our thoughts.
    If we take an example of an orator or a speaker, how does they get so much of confidence to speak in front of a huge crowds of people? Nothing is inbuilt in a person, it all comes from regular practice.
    When we start to speak, our voice might drain the first time and it might choke. It could just get stuck at our Larynx, and if we are not able to overcome that block, we might be shamed.
    Today I was watching a video of Caroline Goyder - a keynote speaker and a leading voice coach. She gave a good example of how we hold our thoughts. She told her very first experience while she started to speak in front of people. She said that the he first day she started to speak, her voice was low and down but she tried hard to get over it and she kept trying. Suddenly the mike broke and her voice was no more audible to anyone. She kept asking people at the back, if they could hear her. She felt ashamed on that part. It was just the hustle and bustle and the fear that caused the mike to break. From that day she realized the value of practice and now she is the greatest orator.

    This one example above defines that what resides within is the most important to us. We feel that confidence comes from outside and our visual looks, rather it is not. Confidence and power comes from within. When we want to overcome something, we think a lot about it and there is one thing that this great lady talked about and that is "We open new drawers in the self". This small quote makes us feel about how confidence can be achieved from within our own thoughts. When we visualize our inner self we can make out many more things about our-self, we can get to know the good, bad, hard, easy, peace, noise and all that emotions that we hold. The new drawers can be what we think about and find it hard and we pay attention saying "yes, this was me, I could have done it, why did not I try". This is all achieved by going into our inner self.

    There was one more thing that I will add here is she talked about the importance of "Diaphragm" in our body and how it regulates our system. Similarly , if we have lost confidence and we feel to ease up , it is our diaphragm that will help to improve it. We even sometimes breathe through that part also. So, confidence is a deep thought within oneself that with practice being brought out can do wonders.
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    Do what inspires you !!

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    The significance of the quote shared by the author can be interpreted in many ways. When we breathe nice breeze or fresh air, surely that will go deep into our heart. Once fresh air goes, fresh thoughts, fresh ideas and fresh actions begin. And as the exhaling of air goes, our actions authenticate our support and strength to the good thoughts and thus our behavior with good language can also be spotted by others. That is why when we mingle and exchange pleasantries with the elders, good thoughts will emanate from our body and we are considered best and regarded most in the society.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The positive thoughts will make you confident. When I was in my SSC there was a competition in our school for elocution . I was to give a speech on Independence Day. That is for the first time I have to talk on a stage that to before all my teachers and students. I am worried. But my father told me that make up your mind that you can deliver a good speech. He asked me talk before him two or three time. I practiced a lot. One advantage is the speech is in my mother tongue. I tried befor my father. He has given some suggestions. He also told me that I was good in speaking. That has given a very good confidence. Next Day I attended the function. My name was called. I have gone to the stage and started. Initially for a minute or so, I was a little nervous. But once that one minute is gone I had repeated my trial before my father without any confusion. Everyone appreciated. To my surprise, I was the first among the contestants. Really the positive thoughts brought the success.
    When we breath we breath fresh air and it gives best confidence and good thoughts. True. But we are all living in polluted land and the air we breath is not exactly the pure. Even then we should not lose our positive thoughts.

    always confident

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    Well written article!
    Kudos to the writer

    I remember my school days where I used to take Chemistry lesson from Mr. Praveen. He used to say me about the benefits of breathing, rather deep breathing. It brings confidence and energy into the soul. It extract out the negative energy and fill our body with positivity. And personally experienced, I had stage fear and I used to take deep breath before speaking in front of the crowd, in schools. colleges etc. It relaxes our mind and we can get better output.

    Vikas Srivastava
    "Rise and Shine"-Each day and night.

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    Thank you Mr. Vikas. Our thoughts reside in our sub-conscious mind and it travels throughout. When we take a deep breath, we intake more positive energy and thereby confidence level also rises.
    Do what inspires you !!

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