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    Google must store the data base of every political party's manifesto and their promises

    In India the elections to local bodies, MLA and MP are being held regularly as the general poll or by virtue of by polls. Even for by polls lots of doles and promises are made and we the voters have very short memory to remember all those poll promises. Google can initiate a data base purely to store the poll promises made by Individual political leader and political parties.So that during next elections people and the voters can have the first hand information what promises made and what was achieved to vote again or chose the next change. Do the members agree to my suggestion or give your thoughts ?
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    Google may be already doing that. The promises made by various leaders in various meetings held during elections, before elections, and after elections. The news will be covered in various newspapers. Once these items are covered in newspapers automatically they will be stored by Google, I suppose. So there is no necessity of separately storing this news.
    In India, it is the practice of the political leaders to say something and promise something during the election promises and speeches. But public will never keep these things in their mind. They know that all these promises are false. Nothing will happen after elections, this is very common. People are also like that. They take some money and vote to whoever they wanted and afterward they also don't bother about anything.
    There will not be any use of keeping these records and reminding them about these promises.

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    My suggestion was on the lines of wiki. Every political party manifesto and their adherence can be included in that.
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    No use.The answer column will be only a series of wrong ticks(X).

    I think for now, no one has forgotten the grand promise made by the BJP/NDA and our current Prime Minister before coming to power.How many have they fulfilled? For the most, they have completed the unfinished tasks of the previous UPA government which they had opposed vehemently at that time. They are still working to complete many more such tasks. Fuel prices, subsidies, Aadhaar, price rise, railway ticket increase etc are those which are glaring and affecting our daily life. There may be many more which ordinary citizen may be not facing daily like bringing back black money and crediting to individuals accounts.

    Only people are to be blamed. Why to believe in superstitions and false beliefs. that political parties will keep their election promises.

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    And one more suggestion would be to send alerts and reminders before the end of tenure to remind them of their promises and maybe there should be a system which will extract penalty (auto-debit the amount from their salary account ) from those who don't confer to their promises.

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    Its a very good suggestion to have the details and promises of those MP's or MLA's being stored in a separate database on Google. But my question is, will that database really have the true values in it, or if they hired a person for that too, to change those promise values not being kept otherwise.
    Since these are variable traits of politicians, I do not think Wikipedia will be able to retain it forever.

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    A too noble suggestion for it to work in the Indian context. Apart from some of the highly respected politicians, taking on the rest is like entering a quagmire wherein the outcome is very predictable.

    For this to work for each political party has to maintain such a core list of promises made by each member who stands for election. Next time he or she files nominations again, then firstly the party should verify whether the promises were kept within practical limits before putting up the name, secondly, the election commission can countercheck the same while accepting the nomination papers and lastly the local media can put the data out before the elections so that the voters of that locality, town or city can decide for themselves.

    Basically, this would set up a three-level filter wherein candidates have to have delivered something to have hopes of being elected again. Of course, it sounds easy on paper but at least we'll have an idea whether politicians "practice what they preach' and 'deliver what they promise'. It's not as if they are doing us a favor, they are paid by the taxpayer's hard earned money.

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