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    Maintain a separate diary of contact numbers in the event of cell phone going dead suddenly !

    After the advent of cell phone and introduction of ten number series of every contact number, seldom we could memorize the numbers of our near and dear ones, and we simply store the contact numbers with the name in cell phones and when they call back, the name is flashed and we have the talk with them. But some times the phone gets stuck up or wont function for various reasons and we have stored everything in the phone memory. In that case contacting others would be difficult. So maintaining a small diary of important phone numbers should be must and that will greatly help in emergency.
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    This is a very important precautionary measure that in case the mobile phone is lost or goes bad you can manage to contact temporarily people through public telephones or other friends telephone.
    A small diary which can fit in your wallet or pocket will serve the purpose very nicely.
    There are people moving with two cell phones in their pockets and using them alternately depending on their need. They may not be required to keep a small diary having their contact numbers noted down.
    In fact this is a very good habit to note down your important things in a pocket diary and time to time consult it as well as modify it as per your changing needs. Today we are dependent on mobile so much that its loss is very fatal and we feel as if we are nowhere. In this situation the pocket diary comes to a great help and rescue.

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    There are better ways to save phone contacts than jotting down the details in a diary. Why not sync your phone contacts with Google. This way even if your phone hangs you can still access all the contacts from another device, anytime, from any part of the world.

    It is definitely a better option than storing the contact details in a diary. You do not have to keep updating the contact details, as and when you add new numbers or when people change their numbers. Google does that for you.

    Imagine, being in another city and your phone stops working and you do not have your precious phone diary with you. What will you do? Use technology to your advantage.

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    But I understand that what ever stored in internet is not safe and can be copied or retrieved. In this case some may not want to share the phone numbers and other personal details and hence diary is best option.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I feel, syncing our phone numbers with google mail is the best option. If there is any problem with your phone also you can get your contacts. Whenever you change your sim or phone you need not worry about your contacts.
    As mentioned by Juana, when you are out of station also if there is any problem with you phone, you can see your contact numbers from other devise.
    Even you note down in a book you may not carry the same with you always. Hence using technology which is available is the safe and best way for storing the numbers.
    My father maintains a dairy with phone numbers today. But I stopped long back.

    always confident

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    What other devices? You mean to say that if I am in some other city & I lost my phone, I buy a new phone then sync the new phone with Google to retrieve the contacts?

    @ Mohan, you are being paranoid! Are we criminals or something? What will someone do with my contact list even if he is able to lay his hands on it?

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    With todays technolgy when people are storing their personal and financial data in cloud storage or google storage, I think it is not a bad deal to keep our contacts there and load it back when we require. With technology penetrating in the remote corners of all the developing countries this thing is going to be the ultimately in thing.

    Anyway in case of phone going bad or sudden loss the pocket diary comes to immediate rescue and it is not necessary that all contacts are to be written in it. Only a few important will meet the purpose.

    In emergency situation there is no substitute of a hard copy. Keeping a small pocket diary is of many other usage also and it is not at all a bad idea to posses it in your pocket or wallet.

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    Invariably our contact list also contains our bank account number and current PIN passwords and hence my fears.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    To rephrase another quote,' modern gadgets solve all existing problems putting forth a new one".
    That is what we face in our lives. Idling at the comfort and convenience we have forsaken our old wise habits and now stand vulnerable to many issues.The same is the case with the contacts list in smartphones.
    After using mobile phone for some years, I had discontinued the diary note boo for keeping contact numbers.

    On a fine morning my phone became non-functional and I lost all my contact numbers stored in phone. It was a laborious task to recreate the contact list from scratch. I tell myself that I should maintain a written list for a fallback in emergencies. But still not complied that. So much for the laziness contributed by modern gadgets.

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    Why not? If you can afford a new phone, go ahead and buy one.

    But, if the text of my message is read properly, it is quite evident that that was not what I had implied. There are other simpler ways to save phone contacts.

    1. Save the contacts on the SIM and not on the phone. That's what I did before all this 'Cloud' thing happened
    2. Sync the contacts as I mentioned above. Maybe, people do not know that it can be done. Here is a tip – When creating a contact, 'add' the number to the contact list on your phone, under your GMAIL account, instead of saving it under the default 'phone' setting. When you do that the phone numbers in your contact list get saved not just on your phone, but also on Google. They can be accessed when you log into your Gmail account. They will be listed under 'Contacts' in your Gmail, making it possible to retrieve the numbers from any device

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Thank you for your elaboration. I felt that your information was a bit incomplete (that contacts thing in Gmail was missing in your previous response). I could have mentioned the same in my response, but then it would have taken away the credit for providing complete information from you. So, instead of mentioning 'the contacts thing in Gmail' myself in my previous response, I posed a question to you, so that the information is complete. (smiling)

    I would like to add something more to it though. Once you have synced your new phone (assuming that one has lost his previous phone and has bought a new one) with Google, the contact list automatically gets downloaded to your new phone. One doesn't need to do anything at all for that.

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    we have given a small dairy with important contacts to our father who often travels alone and has a phone. but we feel safe when he has a contact dairy of our family and the important people he has to contact in case of an emergency.

    we have stopped maintaining a dairy, most of the replies on sync is what many of us do.
    In response to Gypsy about data theft, i've read sometime back that many of the apps we install and click agree means that contact list can be and are quietly accessed by the app and contacts can be shared for marketing purposes.

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    It is really a true and good posting as many of us totally depend the mobile fone in our daily activities and even for seeing time as we stop wearing watches. I suffered once as the author mentioned so I immediately made a small pocket note book with all contact numbers

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