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    Are we rational enough to avoid superstitions and beliefs?

    There are different type of beliefs, social rituals, superstitions etc in the society and many people are under the spell of these and spontaneously react to everything under the enveloping presence of these attributes in their mind.
    Due to this many persons are not able to think and behave in a rational way. This has impact on the intellectual progress of the person as his mind does not allow him to enter in the territory of rational thinking. He can not differentiate between belief and fact, superstition and actuality and like that.
    What is your opinion? Are we rational?
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    Let me tell you what's the root of all problems. We are prohibited to question our elders. We are forbidden to challenge or change our elders' rule. Indian knowledge is passed down by our ancient elders. Youth dont have sufficient power in India. So we live in this "free" country. India never was and never will be independent. The younger generations fail to break the shackles of beliefs enforced on them and in anguish just pass on the same to their offspring. So it's a never ending cycle of oppression that we're stuck in.
    Start from yourself. Start questioning. Questioning arises because of doubt and doubts are contagious. Soon everyone will start questioning. Soon everyone will unanimously agree that these "beliefs" are baseless and useless.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    excellent thread, these terms are often used without understanding the true meaning. For example, there are some who don't believe in God. This would be unacceptable to many including me.

    What is more important in my view is that the context in which it's used, the circumstances in which a human being finds himself or herself and lastly the commercialization or exploitation by some individuals.

    For instance, when we hear a loved one who's fallen sick or who's met with an accident we pray to "God please let him be safe". Many parents keep images of God in the kid's bedroom when they start sleeping in their own bedroom. These are beliefs and there are much more examples that rational people still follow.

    When a family goes through difficult times or the earning member loses his job or glass breaks during an auspicious day at home, many well-educated people get disturbed and depend on the extent of the impact of the event they start going to places of workship, donate food to poor or do pujas to ward of ill-luck. To me, these necessarily do not mean that we are irrational. We live in a world of constant change and stressful periods of home and career. When a minor mishap or a calamity sadly falls on a family, then it tests them to the fullest. It is at these difficult times that we need to believe in a higher power, believe the worst will pass. To me, belief leads to hope and hope is important for life. People who are have gone through such phases in life would agree with me.

    Last but not the least, these human thoughts should not lead to or foster greed, inhuman acts, unsocial acts or follow so-called Godly men and women who exist only to extract money and favours out of the unfortunate fellow human who is already going through a difficult time.

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    We are living in society and there are many traditional rules and regulations which whether we like or not we have to follow not only as per the instructions of elders but also due to certain confusions in our mind.

    Most of us are not very clear in our minds what is rational and what is not. We follow many beliefs and at the same time we object to many many beliefs of our elders. That is the way it evolved and it will be evolving in future also and may be many of old beliefs will give way to new beliefs.

    Unfortunately some of the rational persons are treated as radicals or anti social by the established norms of the society.

    Being rational is good but opposing everything and discarding everything may not work in this world. One has to compromise to some extent and also preserve his rationality. That is the only way to live cordially with our elders.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I think points are exaggerated too much in this thread. Superstitions and beliefs are already dying. How many of us know what is Rahu kalam? How many of us follow this? How many of us know what is varjam or Durmuhtrtam? Is anyone follow this? Olden days to travel even short distance people used to refer panchangam. Now the date of travel will be based on the availability of tickets. How many of us know what is a good omen and bad omen. So we have already come a long way from these superstitions and beliefs. Are we restricting marriages between different castes? No. I say even we don't bother to know what is the cast of the other person. Nobody is pressurising others to follow this. So I don't think that this is the reason for not thinking in a rational way. Even many of the younger generation people are not even worried about elders in taking the decisions. So I request all the younger generation, not ot blame old beliefs and superstitions which are non-existing.
    always confident

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    I feel that when there is absence of rationality or logic, superstition comes is. I also feel that this is not related to academic study. Many academically good people are very superstitious. Superstition is inversely proportional to rationality which comes with true education, not academic degrees.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Superstitions and blind faith are not restricted one field alone. While talking against superstitions and blind belief we are indulging in them in our practical real life everyday.
    Please read the last line in my response #609181 in this thread

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    Nicely pointed out by the author Dr Rao, Without having proper knowledge of stars constellation and its movement on daily basis, we blame the superstitions and the very system. It has been proved beyond doubt in many cases , where the information provided were genuine and the results are mind boggling and true.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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