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    My first kill and what it taught me.

    Something came flying into my house through the door while I was having dinner. It was a small,beautiful and a vibrant butterfly. Now I used to take words literally when I was a kid. So I thought butterflies are made of butter and I love butter. So i slowly crawled towards the unexpecting butterfly without making much noise and movement. It was weird because I never killed anything before. But my hunting instincts took over me and urged me to ambush my prey because if I fought it face to face it'd fly away. I was a ten year old pure vegetarian child. But I couldn't deny or defy my inner hunter. Now my prey was at my reach. With all the agility I could afford, I slapped the small bug against the wall. I was very eager to eat the hard earned butter and peeked into my palm. It didn't smell or feel like butter. It was sticky like butter but it smelled weird. I was going to give it a try.
    With the same force with which I smashed the butterfly, my mother slapped me at the back.
    She then explained me what I had just done.
    My first kill. It didn't feel good. Remorse was all over my fingers. That day a ten year old stayed up all night repenting to the gods for the life he has taken hoping that the dead butterfly would come alive.
    That single hunt. That single scenario taught me a dozen lessons.
    1. Though our bloods are of different color and group, once I draw your blood, I lose humanity.
    2. No amount of sorrys can bring the dead back.
    3. No matter how small or big we are, pain of loss is the same for everyone.
    4. And last but not least....butterflies aren't made of butter.
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    An excellent thread on butterfly and its death. The author has described it beautifully. I like it.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Thoughtful narration. As kids, many of us would have caught a dragonfly, moths at home and put it in a jar only later to keep it in an old book or threw stones at a dog or cat. Just look at some videos wherein a mother tiger or a cheetah trains its young, first it incapacitates a small infant antelope or bison calf and allows the young ones to learn to go for the kill. These are the laws of nature, similarly as part of growing up the things we do without knowing the true implications of our actions should not hurt us. However, the same wounding or killing an animal, bird or fellow human being by an adult or by someone of a sound mind is to be condemned.

    In our case, you've learnt a lesson of life in a way that it'll stay with you for a long time!

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    A good story from Aditya to know the fly without butter, but a butterfly. Enjoyed your first kill.
    No life without Sun

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    Some times we go by the name and get cornered. Here my son also experienced the same in his life. Butterfly wont have butter but have better dressing sense I mean their feathers , as they look beautiful and colorful.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There is a variety of vegetable known as Neti(Ghee) Birakayi. By seeing the name people think it will contain Ghee. But actually, there is no ghee in it. Like his butterfly will not contain butter. The author came to know about this fact only after becoming a killer. Anyhow the incident gave a very good lesson to the fellow member of ISC.
    The lessons learned are excellent and will not forget this throughout his lifetime,
    The author narrated the story very well and created an interest in the content. I hope he will further continue this good work.
    During the childhood of my son, he used to play with a tortoise which was there in our house in the aquarium. He used to spend a good time with it. Later we have put that tortoise in the near by pond.

    always confident

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    A very nice write-up about butterfly and first kill. Most of us have experienced this sought of first kill experience in our life at some point of life mostly out of curiosity running behind butterflies and beautiful birds.But when we describe such experience in words it makes us nostalgic in the memories of birds and the innocence of our first kill.
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    A good write up. Right combinations of probable fact and fiction.
    This first kill now shows your potential skill too.

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    Story brought a smile on my face. Well narrated story. Children are always innocent and they interpret the things as per their parent's explanations about the things around them.

    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    I congratulate the author for writing a beautifull story. Actually it is a beautiful leason for many of us . We are like our author in front of nature. We instead of admiring the beauty of nature and the gift it gives us we search for metals, oil etc ( like the search for butter) and destroy the nature of millions of creatures by nature. We displace our own people. We burn forests. We change the course of rivers by taking tonnes of sand. Finally we understand that our butter ( wealth ) is not in squandering nature. We understand we need water of rivers more than sand. We understand that we need pure oxygen more than metals and minerals. We understand that we must live first before living an extravagant life of all comforts. Everyone of us would have been like author at some point of life. We are just looking for the butter and failing to understand that we don't get butter by destroying anything. Finally it is time we realise like our author. We must understand global warming will destroy us all. We must understand the butterfly(nature) was there after all not to be exploited but loved.
    This story of author has kindled deep thoughts in my mind hence the above paragraph. We are running for nothing in end. All in conclude is "It is time we realise "

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    Wonderful story by the author and very heart touching too. I wish if it had come back to life just like in stories that we read.

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    Its a beautiful thread. Such sort of stories teach really great lessons. As the first kill of the author has taught us the value of loss , pain and death. The butterfly died, she would no more survive, but she made him understand that how bad deeds can destruct a human.
    When you are moving towards a bad deed, you just keep moving and do not realize the after effects of it, and once the loss and pain occurs, we are left with nothing else but the sufferings and realization to it. A wish that things could be corrected again.
    Also, one more lesson that it taught was if you are doing bad with someone, it will come back to you in any way.
    So, one should be good and do good.

    Do what inspires you !!

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