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    Do we have a public transport day?

    As we have Mothers day, Fathers day, friendship day, valentines day, etc. As the pollution day by day affects the environment and also the climatic changes. So atleast in a year we do have a public transportation day so that individual vehicles should not allow on roads.Only bulk load carriers, will be on the roads this way we can free from polluted air atleast by some percentage.Knowledgeable members please post your view on this question
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    It is a good suggestion. At least one day we will not see any private vehicles on the road. At least a very little reduction in pollution to the environment. A better concept was tried in NEW DELHI for pollution control. Odd numbered vehicles one day and even numbered vehicles another day. What is the ultimate result, Delhi citizens should tell. As suggested in the post one day in a year can be public transport day. On that, all should use this transport only. On that day, the public transport vehicle owners will make merry. The will ask for abnormal rates and make hefty money.However, a slight reduction in pollution on that day will be there. I think it is worth studying.
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    I also think public transport day is very good idea and need of the time. As pollution is increasing day by day we have to start public transport day use public transport instead of our own vehicles.We should try to reduce the number of plane trips you take and try not to use a plane for any trips under 1000km. Plane trips are way more environmentally destructive than automobile trips.We can do the public transportation thing, start small with one a goal of taking public transportation at least one day a week until you figure out the system.We will be be making friends and riding along with everyone else.we should get on the Bus ahis will reduce the CO2 emissions generated.

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    In fact all Saturdays can be considered as bulk transport day. Because invariably all the MNC's are having weekend holiday on Saturday and the techies would be at the home or may be planning to go out. Since the usage of cars and taxis would be less, the remaining people can consider using public transport for the day. In fact a scooter manufacturing company has came up with the ad for a scooter pooling so that road occupancy would be less of scooters and the traffic can be managed. Such good suggestions are always welcome. But who will follow the rule when formulated ?
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    excellent suggestion but like Mohan sir has said "who'll bell the cat?' Public transport day, one day a month or every 3 months or annually in cities and overpopulated towns will certainly reduce the pollution, traffic congestion, and carbon footprint. Carpooling or strengthening of the public transport system is the practical solutions to the growing levels of unacceptable pollution and traffic snarls in major cities.

    Even if we cannot give every Indian city with the high quality, comfortable buses and tube trains we see in western cities, at least we can start to improve the cleanliness and basic maintenance of the public buses. In London, we saw an interesting concept (not sure if it's tried out in India) wherein free bicycles are kept in key areas by the city corporation which can be used by anyone provided they park the cycle in the designated parking slots spread out at many parts of the city. I know that it's unrealistic to even think of such a thing in India, at least we can think of the high level of civic sense and responsibiity of the people using these free public cycles.

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    Great thought on having a Public transport day. If started, it would low down the increasing pollution and people can enjoy fresh air atleast for a day. But, exactly as everyone else is pointing out, that who will follow if this is really being implemented? We are the people who create the rules and ourselves break them too.
    It is a really great idea and if we think on a broader perspective, very less emission of harmful gases like carbon monoxide into the air and thereby our ozone layer, will be least effected that day.
    If this has to be really implemented, Government will need to put greater restrictions on people using private vehicles that day and will have to raise voice for "Say yes to public transport" for either saturday or sunday.

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    Government must identify those who have more than one car and they are using it daily. I have invariably seen that in a house of four members, there are four cars and each one of them drive one for their use. Mind it one person driving a car and occupying the space of four two wheeler on the road. Like this many families are wasting the country fuel as they can pool the car and one person can use the car and others can be dropped on the way, So a survey must be conducted as to why extra cars should not be seized from those who have more than one in the national interest.
    K Mohan
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