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    Methods of memorizing and memory training.

    Psychologists have found out methods of memorizing which save time. Some of them are following:-
    Part method- In this method the lesson to be learnt is divided into parts.
    Progressive method-In this method the lesson is divided into parts.First, the first part is remembered and after that first and second part are learnt together. After that first, second and third are learnt together.
    Method of Cramming- Here the entire lesson is crammed understanding is not necessary.
    Method of learning by doing- Here, what we have to learn, we learn by action.
    The whole method- Here the entire lesson to be learnt is read again and again.
    Mixed method-In this method first the full lesson is read.After that, it is divided into parts and learnt.
    Spaces method-In this method the lesson is learnt by giving time intervals. It can vary from 1 minute to few hours.
    Active method -In this method the lesson is learnt by reading aloud.
    Recitation method- In this method, the lesson is learnt by reciting it.
    In the above methods, my parents tell me to adopt the active method, they stress on reading aloud. Which method is more useful for the children to memorize the lesson in your opinion?
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    Good tutorial from the author regarding how to memorize and how to remember. What I feel that we have the habit of remembering things when we see anything with the naked eyes. So in this regard digital class room is the best option where in the subject is taught by images and illustrations and the children who are fond of moving pictures and images would show much interest and there by remember the things easily. That is why in big meetings the presentation in made with slides on projection though print out is made available to each participant. So the importance of visual presentation in stressed here.
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    Methods of memorizing and memory training are :-

    >> Connect & Link (The Link Method): Connect the words with different so you can remember them
    >> Make a Story (The Story Method) : Make a story about the things you want to remember
    >> Associate Objects with Familiar Locations (The Loci Method) : Associate words with familiar location in this way you can remember things easily

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    Good post. When the school going children try to memorize the lessons in different ways. Initially, we should understand the lesson. Without understanding the lesson if you try to remember, I think it is not useful.
    My sister used to read English stories many times to make it by heart. But the problem here is by any chance in between if you forget one or two words, the total lesson is gone. I advised her not to by heart the story. Understand the lesson in Telugu. remember it in Telugu. Try to write in your own words in English. If any word is not asked her to refer dictionary. By doing this she found an easy way for facing the exam,
    Another way to remember the point is to link it with something very famous to you. My car company is Renault. When I newly purchased, I was forgetting the name of the company. Many call me as Rao. So I combined these two wards, Rao & Renault. From that day onwards I have never forgotten the name of the company. Like this, there are many methods.
    As opined by the author reading loud is also a very well known method to remember the things.

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    By reading loud if there is a small child in the process of growing up, he would catch the topic and he would recite. This has happened in our relative house when a two year boy could pick up all the portions read by his sister loudly.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A Very Good thread that would be useful to many parents. Some of us(at least me) have grown up with cramming (mugging) method, I read a lot repetitively, many a time without knowing the real meaning but this enabled me to quickly get familiar with the common terms and words. I had to write in a rough workbook first and then a neat classwork book in middle school, this helped me a lot to remember many things.

    One other method that's useful is having a lesson on a chapter from a book open in front of the child and an audio reading of the same lesson. Here the child listens to the lesson and at the same time he/she follows the text in the book kept in front. We've done this with our kids, it has given good results. Especially languages seem to be picked up faster. Nowadays all you need a basic smartphone for the mother, father or grandparents to record.

    Without elaborating on the same answers, don't you feel we are enforcing our children to read more and more. Home tuitions, tuition for every subject; sometimes I feel sorry for the children who have to just learn, learn and learn subjects in the morning before school, at school, and after school. This overload of information often doesn't stay back and makes some kids just hate the subjects rather than enjoy the school going years.

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