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    Do you think content writing is being old fashion on the internet?

    Do you think day by day content writing is being old fashion on the internet as people are being more interested in watching the video instead of reading the big articles?

    I am feeling the same. Share your views on this to get more details and research. That is the also reason youtube is being in well success area of the internet.
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    Even though video seeing is on the increasing mode, content writing will not lose its importance. For early education and for making children more attractive towards learning, videos may be playing an important role, but content writing is also important for the more in-depth understanding of the subject. So there is no problem for content writing. Nowadays I am observing many websites which are advertising various works for content writing in different fields and subjects. Both videos, as well as writings, will maintain their shares without and decrease.
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    When the internet came to India in the year 1995, that means it is hardly 22 years old, then how can it be old fashion. By the way writing content is not that easy and it should not be demeaned. Those who write articles, must have wide knowledge on the subject, substantiate the claims with proof and in the event of challenging the same article, the author should able to prove and stand by the article. That is why having so many risk and responsibility , many those who have talent to write articles would shy away from it. So never undermine those who write articles and it is not old fashion as it comes from the creative mind of authors.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    It is true to some extent that many people are seeing videos in place of reading text as videos are more expressive and easy to understand. This trend is not very recent and it is continuing for quite some time.

    Content writing is not going to lose its sheen because of videos. Content writing is a very vast area encompassing many fields of human imagination and creativity.

    Videos are supplementary to the text books and other reading material. They are more useful in visual presentation rather than individual study.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Many articles today on the internet that get the most hits captivate the fickle human mind with captivating images, provocative titles, and video splicing. By word of mouth, numerous forwards and curiosity add fuel to people's desire to watch such snippets. For instance, the recent Spyder trailer had 3.6 million views in 24 hours. There are many examples like this, having said this there are still many viewers and readers out there who still read articles that can be classed as content or creative writing.

    ISC itself is a perfect example wherein member actively participate in forums and articles instead of surfing internet in the same laptops or desktops. As people mature, grow older, trends change content writing will also change but I don't think it'll fade away.

    One needs a certain amount of knowledge, analytical skills, a good command over the language to author a meaningful reply or an article. Without being disgraceful to some good meaningful videos, I don't think many of the popular videos or tasty titbits of gossip displayed prominently in many commercial sites will stand or even should be allowed to share the same platform of content writing.

    Sites like ISC should encourage, nurture and cherish content writing.

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    Of late I see the news app I use in my mobilephone throws more videos that text news. For me it is much inconvenient, as I have to wait longer for the video to download and then view. So I simply skip them. I read the text new, and so miss the video news. I feel that I cannot go on skipping for long, because the trend shows that video is in and text is slowly going out.
    Similarly for anything and everything now videos are posted in YouTube etc.
    Hence what author says in the thread is slowly happening. We have accepted many changes .Soon we will be easily accepting and adjusting to this new change and trend also.

    Then we may find content writing as a vintage item in some museum or exhibition or commemoration.

    Even ISC is trying to adapt to the new trend . There was an announcement for ISC YouTube Video Contest . But as the active members of ISC are not well versed in that, that did not take off for the time being. But soon ISC also may have to follow the trend for its own sake.

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    Content writing is never going to lose its essence for sure. Yes, people prefer watching video as an easy way rather than reading an article for any topic. Because people hardly like to read and in normal sense, moving images or videos are more attractive and people consider it easy to gather information that way.
    But this does not mean that writing is going to lose its significance. Because of multiple reasons:
    1. When you write, you give brief explanations which make the reader to understand and gather on a topic very easily which will probably not be there in a video.
    2. When something is written , it is written with proper planning of a format to provide accurate information to the readers.
    3. The message conveyed on a topic through 'writing' will be understood clearly which a video can sometimes lack.
    Writing depicts clarity of words and views. Its value will always remain intact to all of us.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Actually, any content which written today it can be active for one year or two years so it's become expire after sometimes. So you need continuous work on article writing to get success but nowadays as google implementing new algorithms frequently that is discouraging a lot of writers.

    I also get discouraged so I started posts on youtube now I am again in the position to encourage myself actually we need to do Research and development continues to get success like Google is doing. Only do not depends upon article writing only.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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