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    Should there be compulsory military training before joining Govt jobs?

    Today every developed country is trying to safeguard thereselves with increased military power and by possesing advanced weapons.

    In this scenario adequate manpower for using these arsenels is also required in case of any eventuality. This manpower should be on call basis and it is only possible if compulsory military training for 1-2 years duration is imparted to all the persons aspiring for Govt jobs. This training can be given by the existing army personnels in army campus to those aspirants.

    This may appear to be an impracticable and difficult task but for the safety of our country and to repell any invading powers it will be very useful in conditions of war when trained people can be called on a short notice for protecting their motherland. The training should also be compulsory for aspirants for becoming MLA or MP through election as they are also very important Govt workers.

    What is your opinion? Is it a feasible proposition or not?
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    An excellent thread has been raised by Mr. umesh. I am strongly in favour of conscription (i.e., compulsory military training), as in vogue in the USA, Israel and Russia. But as far as India is concerned, there are some practical difficulties in enforcing conscription. India is a vast country with population of 125 crores. The male population is 63 crores. The Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force (in a combined way) do not have the infrastructure, weapons and ammunition to train even 1/10th of the able-bodied male population of the country. It is true and because of this reason, conscription is not possible in India and Indian Armed Forces are totally voluntary.

    However, Government employees and in some cases, employees in private sector can join Territorial Army (TA) till they reach fifty years of age. If a person is genuinely interested to have military training after starting to work, TA is a very good option.

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    An excellent Idea Umesh. It is very apt that all the Government employees should be given 1 to 2 years training in military operations, the way in which some other countries are doing. If it is feasible it is a nice issue to happen. But I sincerely had a doubt. Military people work sincerely as and when required for the safety of the Nation. But majority government employees will not work unless or otherwise, they are getting benefitted in another way. If the system goes into military operations also, the safety of our country will be at the stack. The corruption may extend in protecting our Line of safety also. Without any war, alsoLOS can be shifted if these people are given a chance. Only that particular aspect only has to look into. As mentioned by Partha Territorial Army is also a very good option for our country.
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    A good suggestion but the logistics of implementing this and the implications need to be given a serious thought.
    It would need many hours of deliberations and legislation to formulate a working plan and enormous resources to even get the program going.

    I think a better option would be to strengthen and widen the existing NCC and extend it to college and postgraduate students. I chose NCC because I've been in it for 2 years and while friends were enjoying their free time, we had a chance to get trained over the weekend and attend national camps. This instilled discipline and respect for the armed forces in us.

    Instead of making it mandatory for all government employees, a certain percentage of government sector employees can be assessed and enroll for a short-term training program in the army units within the same town or city.

    Lastly addressing the issue of making it compulsory for key officials in power, I fully agree with it. A short stint for candidates occupying such important positions in the Army will make a huge difference not only in warding off enemies but more practical for them to imbibe concepts of discipline, punctuality, leadership skills, accountability and most importantly to put 'the country above everything'.

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