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    Discussion on Telangana released movement

    Today, Telangana released day, number of people who fought for the independence from the hands of Naizam kings. People from Khammam, Madhira, Errupalem and Bonakal areas participated in the movement. Even though India got independence, Naizam dynasty did not give freedom the people related to the areas from Telangana and some parts of Telangana. With cruel activities, the king bothered the people. As a result, they form a volunteer group to fight against the king but some people were killed and some other went into unseen world. Now I am asking ISC members, share your ideas about Telangana released movement. Unfortunately, this day is not being celebrated in the state. However, those freedom fighters recollects their strive for freedom at that time.
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    They celebrate this day as Telangana Vimochana Dinam(Day). The Telangana people are under the clutches of Nizam Government even after our country got independence. Netaji tried to merge this part also into the country. But the other big people never allowed it. So till the agitation is carried out they are not out of Nizam rule. But today's Telangana government don't want to displease their friends MIM. So they don't want to do any festival today. But they want to celebrate on June 2nd as Telangana formation day as it is their achievement. This is political selfishness. BJP is trying to work on this point. So they are celebrating today in a big way at Karimnagar. Mr. Rajnath Singh came to Telangana to attend that celebration. In our country, nothing will be done without a political mileage. Anyhow a happy Telangana vimohana dinam to all the State people.
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    Telangana Liberation movment is celebrated on 17th Sept every year by leaders paying homage to those people who fought and died at the hands of Nizams during their regime. In the history we have been made to know that Nizams treated Hindu and Muslims as his two eyes and there were no atrocities. May be at the village level there would have been commotion and difference opinion. And probably taking the cue from that agitation, the demand for separate Telangana has born and even expanded by late CM Marry Chenna Reddy during 1968 and after. Now the real agitation by KCR has brought in separate state for Telangana which has become reality.
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    Telangana Movement is nothing to do with Nizam Rule, Telangana Movement is all about Separate state hood from United Andhra, Lets not link it to Nizam rule to Telangana Movement, It was Hyderabad state before part of India, Hyderabad state was merged into India in 1948 after Operation POLO Indian Army fought against Nizam Rule. Nizam rule and all Princely states abolished and become part of India, Hyderabad state was well flourished till 1956 with Bidar,Raichur districts now part of Karnataka and till Aurangabad is now in part of Maharastra, 1956 Telangana become part of the Andhra, Hyderabad state name vanished and become Andhrapradesh, Till 1956 AndhraPradesh was part of Madras Presidency, Andhrapradesh was no way commonly connected to Telangana other than Language. Telangana Movement and Fought against Nizam rule are two different subjects.

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