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    Did Rajiv Gandhi predict it right?

    Rajiv foresaw the collapse of congress way back in 1987. He was dismissive of Political leaders either. In conversation with Gorbachev the then president of soviet he clearly explains how congress will fall. The reasons he gave are
    1. Congress is lacking ideological intellects and everything is moving around him/ Gandhi family. He severely criticised the popularity around him.
    2. The intellectual core of congress has moved to the right wing parties.
    But he was not concerned about fall of congress but the rise of immoral politics. He goes on.
    3. The future political generation concerns itself all about capturing power and nothing more.

    He specifically gave a hint to soviet leader about how India- soviet relations will be. He says " In international arena ideologies will not matter in future and alignments will be purely based on self interest of nations. ". Micheal Gorbachev after hearing patiently just said "true indeed".
    Exactly 30 years later India is now aligning with U.S.
    Indian political scenario has become as what he has predicted.
    How do you rate Rajive gandhi's vision.Has his prophecy come true? What are its implications?
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    Well in International relations always depends on needs of the Nation. When Russia cannot come forward and match to the development of US and its eagerness to help India, why should Russia lag behind. Prime Minister Narender Modi has sensed the need of having good relations with US, to tame Pakistan. If India still allies with Russia ,then US will have to support Pakistan and that is dangerous for our country. Already we are facing tough situation with Pakistan and by discarding Russia and making friendship with US is the right decision and Rajiv Gandhi would have done same thing if he was alive.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    He was a foreseer. Congress is the oldest party in India. Almost all of our political leaders are from Congress. But even after Rajiv Gandhi's death, during Man Mohan Singh's regime, Congress was going strong.
    Now Congress is facing bad times because of improper leadership.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I could not recollect such type of conversation between Mr. Rajeev Gandhi and Mr. Gorbachev. It would have been better if some detailed reference would have been given. Anyway, I do not agree with the statement that intellectual core of congress has moved to the right wing parties. Only the opportunist changed flank.
    After independence, many leaders started aspiring for power and Nehruji was the biggest block in their way. They could not stand as tall as him in popularity and ability. The same thing continue till Mrs. Indira Gandhi. These leaders instead of fighting inside the party broke into some other local parties. The good examples are Mr. Morarji Desai and Mr. Jayaprakash Narayan. We have seen these leaders forming an unholy alliance in the name of Janata Party. These leaders snatched power in 1977. They wasted time only in fighting of ego. The Janata Party broke into fractions once again.The present right wing party BJP emanated from Janata Party. Indira Gandhi returned to power once again. We saw the charisma along with their ability to deliver made the Nehru-Gandhi legacy a pivotal point. Rajeev Gandhi must be given credit of digitisation in India.

    Over concentration of congress politics around Gandhis gave fillip to sycophancy and coccus. This is responsible for the poor show of the party at present.

    As far as the change in foreign relations goes, realignment started owing to liberalisation. The USA became our number one trade partner. The USSR ( now Russia) could not be our trade partner of that volume. The shift started more during Dr. Manmohan Singh's regime.

    The rise of right wing politics is dangerous for the integrity of the nation.

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    Response to # 609227.
    It is very much there in The hindu article on Sunday. It was reported in express paper too in 1987. The intention of thread is not to start a debate on right wing political vs congress which I know will never end as it has points and counter points on every detail and end. He was even dismissive of exactly the charisma of Indira Gandhi because it is responsible for down fall of congress to an extent according to him. Has has made a secular understanding of Indian politics across part lines. The excerpt is here. Rajive and Micheal Gorbachev

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    Yes. I think he predicted correctly and what he predicted is happening. Immediately after Independence, there was only one strong party. That is Congress. There were many good and Nobel leaders in that party Many of them were sidelined by the gig people of the party or they themselves come out as there was no scope for them Hence,.Congress is lacking ideological intellects and it had been made in such a way that everything will move around Gandhi family. Not only the future generation but also past generation is also interested in power. That is why Congress has not even given a place for the dead body of PVNR in Delhi.
    Ideology is not that important as long as we are not doing any unethical works. Country's future is more important. Whether it US or USSR, who will be able to support our country as required is the correct way to have a choice. Rajiv Gandhi predicted correctly about the Congress party and the present state of the party is that no proper leader except Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. Coming to the US and India relation is concerned, Russia is no more a superpower like the US now. We have no option than becoming near to the US to give a threat always to Pakistan and China.

    always confident

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