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    Must India start development activities in Pakistan to improve relations?

    India has long bled by 1000 cuts due to terrorism cross border in words of former Pakistan army general Ayubh Khan. Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir has been affected by terrorism across the border apart from in grown millitancy. One way of preventing terrorism from Pakistan is providing development assistance to under developed regions of Pakistan. As Pakistan has more rugged topography it becomes difficult to develop large scale projects of development. In this India must provide electricity to Pakistani from hydro projects. India must build homes in rural Pakistan and develop its interior as we do in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. India must develop a robust civil society in Pakistan in its democratic experiment and bring development of basic amenities. This will prevent Pakistan youths from joining millitancy ranks and instead find more employment in Pakistan government services or help in developing its economy. India's pure government to government approach isn't working in improving relationship and has only deteriorated. India must sincerely think of civil society and cultural linkages to ease tensions stop millitancy in future. What are your views friends?
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    India is not at all developed or semi developed how can they develop other countries.You know India begged money from Japan for development activities and aslo Modi pleaded Japan government to clean the waste in Ganga river but Japan government rejected their plea and even the bullet trian is also a begged project. The four Sub continent cricketing nations India,Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh all are equal but with the slightest of difference.So your question itself is wrong....And you know the famous Indian billiards player Geth Sethi said this and many Indians scolded him......
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    The thread has been raised with good intentions, but I feel that this is a Utopian concept. Since the 1950s, Pakistan has been fortunate enough to get billions of dollars of aid from Saudi Arabia, the USA, China, the UK and various other countries mainly from middle-eastern countries. Any other country, with the amount of aid it received, could have built world-class infrastructure. Pakistan has developed a world-class military, nay, terrorist infrastructure with the colossal aid.
    So, even if India offers its helping hand for development of Pakistan, it would refuse or misuse it. There is not even an iota of doubt in this regard.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Response to #609162
    This idea is not mine. But first given by our Great Bapu M.G Gandhi during partition. This was further stressed by leaders like Nehru despite fight over Kashmir. This idea was furthered by Khan Adbul Gaffar Khan who was the frontier Gandhi who chose to live in Pakistan but remained united with Nehru in cause for an united India. We must remember that culturally Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh , Nepal, Bhutan are similar. When Indian can aid Sri Lanka by building homes for oppressed class people( Sri Lanka has higher HDI than India) why can't India further it to Pakistan? We must not forget that despite our differences India and Pakistan fought for a common cause. india and Pakistan can co develop and frame a very different perspective and narrative of each other.

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    Response to #609163,
    Exactly this where I feel Pakistan civil society can play a role. The problem is U.S, China and other countries have channelled their funding through ISI and military. India can buil suitable civil society capital and change the history page . India Pakistan rivalry is hurting India more. Our very foreign policy is weakened or Pakistan remains the only irritant. Big powers use this rivalry to their advantage. But civil society in Pakistan is very vibrant and all India needs to do is institutionalise it and build on it.

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    The intention of the thread author is ideal. It would have worked well in other contexts or other neighbouring countries. But concerning Pakistan,as of now time is not ripe for such actions.
    Just for a theoretical logic, I may agree that India can join the international community in some humanitarian activities under UN etc in case of emergency relief measures or humanitarian aid.

    Our traditional wisdom and knowledge has taught us to deal with an errant person in four ways :- Saama-Bheda-Daana-Danda. Pakistan is now at a level where only Danda action is deserving. Al other three alternatives will not have any efficacy now.

    The first necessity for Pakistan to have a change is a need of a full fledged functioning democracy there. It is only a distant dream. The change has to come from people of Pakistan itself. For that intellectuals, artists and litterateurs and sportsmen have to make the start. Past history and events show something different and contra.
    So best is to avoid such Utopian ideas and concentrate on ideas for our own development.

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    Who will help others ? When we have good relations and good know how between two. India has been battered and punished with terror activities and unprovoked firing across the border and we have to pay heavy price of loosing our Jawans and even civilians in the shoot out. It is for the Pakistan to probe themselves as to what is in store for them in future. They are now heavily banking on China and think that being having blessings of China, they are rest assured of peace from India. But Pakistan is living in the fools paradise. India is garnering support of all big countries against the overtures of Pakistan and it is being isolated in International arena. India's recent efforts to have good relation with Japan and for having the bullet train project , it is really disturbed Pakistan and for which China says does not matter. In this hate situation, India cannot think of development activities in Pakistan and that is absurd idea.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The development of middle-class or civil societies in a nation-state can't be done by any other nation-state (it can only be encouraged-which is already being done), especially when then the middle-eastern countries which Pakistan consciously follows don't have any faith on civil societies.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    This is exactly where we can use our RAW and IB external affairs division into use. We cannot do it officially because government of Pakistan will not accept any aid. But we can use our extensive network in the country and also we can build support base for India too there. It it is not an utopian idea but the most pragmatic to counter the terrorism problem in Kashmir. Cross border terrorism is ruining our economy, people lives and India's image. Comparing this with the amount we need to spend on civil society of Pakistan will be less. We can build a perception that India Pakistan relations must look beyond Kashmir. These people will vote in elections and bring a radical change in the psercetpion. When these educated people become army officers of Pakistan they will view Kashmir problem as a mere border dispute and not something as threatening their very existence as ISI is building the narrative there. M K Gandhi was not an idealist when he said part of funds from Consolidated fund of India must be diverted for development of Pakistan. He was very sure that in future whatever may come the relationship between these nations must be one that of true friendship for which India must give some unilateral concessions to have a bright future.
    The problem is K dispute is seen as the one deciding the very basis of partition of Hindu Muslim divide which Jinnah propogated during partition. This narrative must be stopped and we must make understand people of Pakistan that India respected Pakistan as a sovereign neighbor and ready to provide any aid as required. We must make them look beyon this narrative of divide and politics fuelled by ISI and Army. We must make them believe that only ISI and army were defeated in 1965,71,99 and not people of Pakistan. This is the right time because presently democratic instituions in Pakistan are taking roots for a bright future. This is the right time to engage with people of Pakistan.

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    I could have said much more on this subject but chose not to. The objective of R&AW is different. Moreover, India and Pakistan can't leave in peace because Pakistan is a cursed nation-it was cursed by crores of men, women and children at the time of its birth.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    It is good to help others and that to neighbors. We will also get benefitted if we help our neighbors. India is following that also. India helped Bangladesh, India helped Myanmar.India helped Sri Lanka. That way we are very good helpers of the neighbors. But we can't help Pakistan as Pakistan is a factory where terrorists are being manufactured and leave them on the roads to create problems all over the world. If we try to help them, they will take the help and try to quarrel with us and try to fight with us. They will send more and more terrorists to our country.
    Helping some who is in need is good. But there is a saying in Telugu. You should not donate to a person who doesn't deserve. So while donating also you should see that the other person will utilise your help properly. Otherwise, you should not do that. I think Pakistan doesn't deserve any help from India.

    always confident

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    Reply to #609216
    Giving entire curse to our brother nation is not acceptable. Leaders from this side of the partition are also equally responsible for the curse of crores of people. We must remember the words of Khan Abdul gaffar Khan who was a Pashtun leader and described " India committed a blunder by giving us to the wolves. " Are they not part of our people who fought alongside us in our freedom, struggle. We must remember Jinnah was once hailed as ambassador of Hindu- Muslim unity. He was responsible for Lucknow past 1916. We must recognise India was also born on 1947 along with Pakistan as its twin. The politics of 1885-1947 is far more intense than it is today. The murkier history of politics has many questions left unanswered. This doesn't mean Pakistan was responsible for everything. There was equal and opposite force acting against Muslim league within India too.

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    Yes Gokul I completly concur #609251 your arguments.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    Oh My God! The responses #609162 and #609265 from the same author are diametrically opposite! This is ridiculously funny. I enjoy the responses of the author. These give me opportunity to laugh heartily after a hectic work-schedule.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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