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    Can you turn your adversity to your advantage

    Many times in life we are faced with unpleasant situations or difficult times ( break up of a relationship, loss of a job, suffering a huge financial loss, friend turns foe so on and so forth). It is at times of these difficulties or Adversity that the true character of man or woman shows up. Often people brood over their downfall, get depressed, turn to alcohol and drugs and slowly lose their path in life.

    Yet some people, having a positive outlook on life do many things to turn things around. Instead of squandering their lives they turn the current situation to their favor. In truth, they turn "Adversity into an Advantage".

    Would love to hear the thoughts of members and any such instances that strike their memory.
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    Yeah this is completely true not only at individual level but also for human civilisation in general. The point is we need to have a birds eye view of things during difficult times and must try to reflect upon ourselves. Several path breaking events have happened world over. When not having enough resources was seen as an impediment to winning a war Stalin of Russia came with scorched earth policy turning the same difficulty as an advantage over Germany. When everyone believes non violence is a passive policy of weaker force Gandhi used it to fight the greatest imperialist power of the time.
    When the mighty U.S sent its troops over Vietnam U.S was defeated by the very same problem it created.
    The failure to understand is also responsible for fall of great powers.
    At individual level everyone will face these situation in life. L
    1. A relationship breakup - time to reflect on our feelings.
    2. A job gone- time to reflect on our talents.
    But it is easier said than done.
    It is very difficult to understand but moving on is the best solution. Many break their heads into it but moving on from failures is the real solution. When done it would seem to be a easy one. Sometimes only future can solve some challenges and we must move on and keep trying. It may sound as some philosophy but true. It is also. Pertinent that we have not lost the experience gained will be if tremendous value.

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    Sometimes by our innate nature or by conscious training and moulding we may be able to transform adversity to our advantage. Not all can do that.
    However everyone can avoid negativity and desperation by telling self that "all that happened was for our good". Or we can console and heave a sigh of relief saying'good riddance'. If fall could not be avoided, at least we can reduce the pain. We can a lesson or two from the events and take precautions or prevent such happenings in future.

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    Hats off to you Gokul for the following statement: @ #609171
    "When everyone believes non violence is a passive policy of weaker force Gandhi used it to fight the greatest imperialist power of the time. "

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    Yes. In everybody's life sometimes some unpleasant things happen. But by thinking about those happenings like how it happened and why it happened, we should not waste our further time. We should say happened is happened, how to go ahead now. That task is to be thought of. Otherwise worrying about that and making bad habits will be spoiling your life. So we should not do that. We should have a positive thinking and we should search for light in the darkness. Then only we will have a useful life. If the happening can be reverted we can think how to do it? Otherwise, forget about that and go on. We should use those occasions as lessons to us and we should learn and see that those things will repeat again. We should have positive thoughts and always think that whatever is happening is happening for good only.
    always confident

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    There is a saying 'Sweet are the uses of adversity'.

    Every person at some point of time in his life may face adverse situations which completely shake his confidence and the person becomes mentally week during those episodes.

    That is the time when the real worth of a person is identified. Whether he has taken it as a part of life or something like beginning of a bad luck season for him.

    It only depends on the mental frame of the person how he takes it and moves ahead. In fact when everything is going out fine no one knows his inner strength. It is only the bad times when one finds he is so weak that he can not tolerate this unfortunate event.

    So adversity teaches us one lesson - forget it and move ahead.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Good reminder by the author to turn your adversity to your advantage.

    When you drool over your past you are draining your precious time of today for yesterday which you could have turned into something beautiful for tomorrow

    I can recollect one story of an old man who was in the hospital bed. There were many people by his bedpost, so he decided to crack a joke. The first time he cracked the joke everyone laughed so he cracked the joke again this time very few people laughed. He continued cracking the same joke till no one laughed at his joke. So he asked why they didn't laugh this time, they replied they didn't feel it funny at all to laugh at the same joke again and again. The old man replied that's my point if you can laugh at the same joke again and again why cry over the same thing again and again.

    Righty said by #609245: So adversity teaches us one lesson - forget it and move ahead.

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