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    How advertisements affect us everyday

    Advertisements are the description of a product. Do they make a product good and worthy with what are being shown in ads? Do these ads really define the necessity, purity and usefulness of that product. Or are they just a source of entertainment for all?
    Everyday we come across multiple number of ads on soaps, perfumes, tea, face creams, even toilet cleaners to many more and they even show the paan masala ads that is absolutely injurious for health. Now a days, many institutes and colleges have also started to advertise. Even if its a coaching institute or a university. When I was about to start my college, I used to see the advertisement of that "Lovely Professional University" - they had a tagline with them and that was "Transforming education, transforming India." Did they really transformed our education? I do not think so.

    How do these ads affect us everyday and how do our ideas change towards a particular good, if we see a new advertisement of it? Also, do they really have what they define in it?

    What my perception is , those institutes tend to advertise, who do not have the quality in it and to make more of their audience and finally money. In terms of products and goods, some of the items do have the true significance as they say, but most of all have adulterated ingredients.
    I do not understand the usage of making ads on this "Paan masala", is it because maximum number of people today consume it or because they feel that after seeing the ads, people will start doing that. Even after the ad completes, they say "this Rajanigandha paan masala can be injurious to health." Then why do they make such ads, which should be banned, as it causes harm in any way.
    But yes we can see there are many useful ads too which are based on investments or which defines any policy or schemes of government and create awareness among masses. One factor that could make one product quality different in terms of other might be its packaging. We people, pick the best packed product always with a thought that that it will also have the best quality. Similarly what other features can we bring out on this as per our thoughts?
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    Advertisement is the vast subject and it cannot be bundled in single sentence that they are made for the attraction of children and so on. Advertisements are of many types. Some advertise for the introduction of a product or service, some advertise for the availability of popular products till the stocks last, and some advertise to retain their products in the market. What we see daily on the television is the third category of advertising wherein many companies especially soap, shampoo, food items and on line sale companies are widely using the electronic media to advertise vastly to attract the customers in large numbers. But take it granted from me that those companies which indulge in series of ads on all television channels are often increasing the price of the product marginally every time to allot funds for the ads. So advertised products are generally costly.
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    Yes, definitely advertisements mislead the consumers to such an extent that they are ready to go blind without even verifying the facts.

    For e.g if you see always beautiful women are shown in the beauty ads to demonstrate that they are beautiful by using these products. But they were already beautiful before even using it. That's the hypocrisy of advertisements. Let's take Patanjali for example, everyone believes that it's a swadeshi product but they have failed the quality test. Their products have so much foreign entity and though it claims to be natural it has chemicals beyond the permissible level. They were also slammed by the court for misleading the consumers.

    As said by the author we cannot stereotype every advertisement, there are really some very good advertisements with moral values. Really appreciate those and their creativity.

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    Advertisements may have the effect to some extent on children and students. But adults will not have any effect as per my thinking. Another thing is young people will have their favourite heroes and heroines. If they come in advertisements the fan will have a liking for that product, they tend to go for that product. They don't bother about the other aspects of the product. Sarries of ladies will have the name of some heroine or movies name. Ladies will go for those products if they love that movie or that heroine. In that way, the advertisements will have some effect. again a point to remember is the expenditure of these advertisements will be added to the cost of the product which we are paying. Young boys will get attracted by the beautiful ladies shown in the advertisements and they will go for that product. That is how the weakness of the people is encashed by the companies and try to attract customers.
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    Advertisements have transformed ever since the influence of sigmund Freud phscoanalysis. People no more buy for their need but for their desire. This attitude is developed by advertisemns. We are made to believe that having certain things increases our status and hence it increases the demand. The best example is Apple phone which is overrated just because of the brand. This is okay. But rightly as author has pointed when it comes to things like education the moral element of the issue comes to play things become critical. It is completely true. This increases joblessness as it concerns with life. And banned products must not be advertised. It is because media is self regulated and hence most people are not aware of its complaint procedures. People must be made aware and media regulation must be strengthened.

    Your posts mostly deal with societal issues of everyday and the issues where we pay least to notice but affects our life much. My personal opinion is more such threads must be raised by you.

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    Thank you Gokul Sir, I will think and raise more such threads, will surely keep this opinion in mind. This was the only reason I wrote on advertisements.
    Advertisements enhance customer experiences everyday. What we see, and we assume that it is right. Like you gave the best example of Apple I-phone or if we say Google pixel phones, they have a big name, because of the brand probably. Also, the highly affecting ads that they show and also that they are costly and people tend to think, if a product is costly, it would definitely be good in quality too and so they think, why not have a raised standard by buying such a product, and they sometimes spend their whole salaries in it. Just a sign of big show-off, which is again modified by the ads.
    I am totally against these Paan masala ads, because at any cost they are harmful for everyone and still they promote their ads on almost all tv channels. They should be banned, so that human lives can also be saved and people understand the ill-effects of it.

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    Advertisements attracts the customers,gives awareness about anything like any product.It makes you posted about what is going on in the market currently.....We are surrounded by advertisements while wandering anywhere ,even in Tv also so may adds are given in order to promote their product.They endorse their products with the help of superstars so as to lure the audience.......Their strategy is quite unique as well as spellbinding.......

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