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    Life is pulling and pushing.

    There are challenges in life. For facing it we need someone to pull our wagons. Sometimes we push the wagons of others. Life is just pulling our pushing. Sometimes we need someone to push us along the path of life. Sometimes someone needs, that we push them along the path of life. So, believe in push or pull. Don't feel pride, that you are in the position of to push. there are people, who pulled you along the path of life.Do you think it is a continuous process?
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    Life is not alone pulling or pushing. Life is sometimes a walk on our own or a run on our own. Life is to face as it comes. Sometimes somebody will pull us or push us. Sometimes we will pull or push somebody else. But if we wait for somebody to push you always, it may be difficult to reach the destination. You may have to run or you may have to walk on your own and then only you can reach the destination. This is the perception of mine about life. Sometimes if we try to pull somebody up they may not come up and resist. That is their life.
    Let us try on our own and reach the goal. Don't wait for somebody to come and help you. Plan on your own and if you feel external help is required go and request the concerned and take timely actions. Then only you will be successful.

    always confident

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    Yes, life is a continuous process, but it is not only about pushing and pulling. It indulges many things in itself. We can call it a set of opportunities, if we are missing or grasping it. Sometimes, the path we need to move on, we somehow are not able to find it and not able to realize its worth, at that time if there is someone brave or good enough, who can make our mind to go towards that path, that person will play a greater role. Because when that path will prove to be positive, we can say, we powered this opportunity.
    Sometimes, this similar situation happening with somebody else, whom suppose we know closely, and that person undergoing the same situation, and if we are good enough too, to make that worse situation turn as a happy ending for the other. Then, we go and guide the other person to tread the path to happiness, path to a great opportunity again. So, we can explain this in terms of options or opportunities.

    Do what inspires you !!

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