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    How can be bad habits broken.

    We all have some Bad habits. But it can be broken following ways:-
    Developing the new habit- If one wants to quit bad habit one must develop a good habit.I have a habit of taking too many cups of tea in a day. For breaking it, I started to take Bournvita sometimes.
    Determination- One should be determined to break a bad habit. He should promise in front of family members or take oath in front of an idol of God.
    Self- advice- One can successfully leave a bad habit if one has the attitude of self - advice.
    Right practice- If one practice right then definitely, he can break the bad habit.
    Change in the companion- By changing the companion, one can break the bad habits.
    Publically criticism of bad habits- Instead of personal criticism, public criticism is good for breaking the bad habits. Such as smoking is injurious to health. Knowing this the person, who smokes tries to leave this habit.
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    A nice thread motivating us to get rid of our bad habits.

    Habits are formed when we practice certain things for a long time. They become part and parcel of our life. Sometimes they are so deeply rooted in our life that it appears if only death could part them away.

    The author has given some good tips and people who follow them may get success in breaking their bad habits.

    Some habits are even harmful for health like smoking, drinking, drugs etc but people are simply helpless with their addictions and even joining rehabilation centers.

    So it is difficult to break bad habits but not impossible.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Bad habits should not be imbibed. We should stop them at the very early stage only. If it becomes regular and if you are addicted to that, getting rid of that habit is very very difficult. I know many people who are chain smokers stopped smoking many times. They can't stop it permanently. The habits come to us by practice. Certain things we start for fun but later on they will become habits. So we should not do bad things even once for the sake of fun.
    In my village, there was a boy who was having the problem of stammering. One of my cousins was always imitating him and making fun of him. Ultimately my cousin started stammering while taking. This is how we will get bad habits. This thread is good and various measures were given to overcome these bad habits. Good to note.

    always confident

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    Bad habits are intact to a human being in any way. Just like there are two sides of a coin. Similarly a person has good and bad habits both. To remove bad habits, a person has to have strong opposition for it. You need to throw up your love for that particular habit which is bad for you.
    People find hard to leave a bad habit, but if you try something with full dedication , then you can definitely achieve that. As described by the author, those ways can prove to be very useful to remove bad habits.

    Do what inspires you !!

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