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    What is your opinion regarding this issue!!

    Today I have gone through a Telugu news paper and it gave a news item that "yesterday is Mr. Modi's birthday and he went to his home place to take his mother's blessings. It's fine and ok. In his election nomination he mentioned his wife's name and the status of his marriage. As a model person to all good things why he is forgetting his wife and why can't he visit his wife and have a cup of coffee with her. He is the most popular and celebrity person of India and he has to give an answer to this issue. As a public person he has to give confession regarding this to the public." Folks, in what way you react and think to this issue!!
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    Do you have any interest whether I had coffee with my wife today morning, or not? Why are you interested in another person's personal life? Has the wife of Mr. Modi given any statement on this issue? If you are so much interested in others' personal life, read those magazines which deal with scadalous affairs of film-stars.
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    I think what the thread means is that " Should public figures have a private life" or " When not to cross the line while commenting about a Public figure" (CM,PM,Model,Actors etc). Apologizes if I'm wrong.

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    Mr. Partha, it is not my version of the issue and it was given in a popular Indian Express managed Telugu news paper Andhra Prabha (Page 1 and 3). I agree with what Mr. Natarajan opined.

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    "Yesterday I gone through a Telugu news paper and it quoted today is Mr. Modi's birthday and he went to his home place to take place of her blessings."-I can't understand the head or tail of this sentence. What is meant by 'her'? Who is she?
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    The marital status of our prime minister Mr Modi is well known to him as well as his wife. They have parted away long back reasons best known to them only. Now at this stage what is the new development that Mr Modi should go on his b'day to meet her.

    Media will write such spicy things in newspaper and TV to attract attention of public which this item must have drawn by now and following that we at ISC are also discussing it.

    So pupose of media is attained and we also know that the issue is of no practical sanctity.

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    After posting the message I immediately tried to correct the mistakes but my edit button on mobile is not working. The message what I mentioned above is a news item what I found in a popular Telugu daily news paper but not from any cine magazine. Now I made the necessary correction from my PC as I am unable to do before with the edit button from my mobile.

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    We all know that Mr.Modi and Mrs. Modi are staying separately, but they have not divorced. That is purely their personal matter and they need not disclose it openly to the public. Surely it is their private matter. Why newspapers are interested in these issues I don't understand. Modi is supposed to declare the name of the wife as he is not divorced. So he declared. On the day of his birthday where he goes and what he does is none of the business of a newspaper. If he is misusing his power for his birthday celebration or for any other personal benefits if a newspaper says something we can understand. Why paper is worried that he is not eating with his wife I don't understand. Once upon a time, that newspaper was number 1 in Telugu but now lost its popularity, may due to the publication of this kind of news. I an not sure.
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    All the arguments given above is that an apt justification for the injustice being done to Jashodaben? Is this act of the PM worth of praise?

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    1. As far as I know our PM was married in late sixties. So, I don't understand the reason why some people have suddenly become so sympathetic to his wife after more than 45 years.
    2. I humbly request the Managing Editor to lock/delete this highly objectionable thread which unnecessarily intrudes in other's privacy. Only a few days ago, the liberals were jumping about 'Right to Privacy'.

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    It is only in the year 2014 most of the people across the nation knew about his estranged wife when he had declared it in the nomination. Since then people have been questioning. It's not about being sympathetic, it's the question about a public servant who has unjustly kept his wife away. I wonder how this can be justified.

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    A public figure do not have an private matters.Suppose a Member of Parliament caught red handedly of having an illegal affair with other women then everybody scolds with dirty words Why we need to scold him we remain calm and let things go as the Member of Parliament wife should worry about this and if she is Ok with that why you people bother.
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    Oh! Now I know that we can also seek details of the daughter of the drug-peddler, Colombian girl-friend of another public figure.
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