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    The HERO that I miss a lot

    I was in 4th STD when I got to hold you for the first time. I was so excited and I carried you very delicately on my way to school. I still remember how my mom handed you over to me with so much instruction of what to and what not to.

    I carefully wrapped you in my box, making sure that you wouldn't get hurt while on my way to school. We all waited for the bell to ring as this was the day when our class teacher told us that we could start using an ink pen and so my mom had gifted me her HERO PEN.

    It was such a pride to take the pen and start writing with it. Every word came out so smoothly with such ease.

    I no longer had to worry about sharpening my pencil,
    I no longer had to put pressure on paper while writing.

    Now, after completing my schooling and college I no longer use HERO pens, but whenever I see it lying in some stationery shops or in someone else's hand, those memories come flying fresh to my mind and even today I can't contain my joy when I see one.
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    In my school days, everybody was using ink pens only. At that time ballpoint pens were very rare. We used to fill ink before going to the exam. We were taking two pens as a fallback arrangement. Once the annual examinations were over, on the last day of examination after completing the exam people used to spill ink on other students dresses. Slowly everybody stopped using ink pens. Ballpens and refills replaced ink pens. Those days Hero pens are very costly and all rich people used to use these pens. Now they are very common. But no one prefers using ink pens.
    Slowly no one prefers writing also. Days are changing. But memories remain always in our mind. Those were the days I enjoyed.

    always confident

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    Very true Dr. Rao, I seldom enjoy writing with a ball pen but I always loved using ink pens, also we were not allowed to use ball pens in schools. We were prohibited from using them.

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    Yeah, that is an ultimate craze at the time when we start writing with pens instead of pencils and we get a great feeling like "Oh yes, I am a big girl now, since I have started to use pen for writing". Its a great sense of joy. We used to use pilot pens a lot, which looked little thick, but gave awesome writing when written. We used to have that thought in mind that if we will use pilot pens, or the Gel pen , it will give very good handwriting. So, in that case, we would ignore using ball pen. How cute was that stage of childishness.
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    As an old-timer, I use ink-pen even today. I am ridiculed by many other for this fad(!) Yes, I know this is one of my peculiarities. I use twenty-one ink-pens. Everyday I use of one of these twenty-one pens. On Sunday, I refill these pens from the ink-pots. I use injection syringe for this purpose.

    My dream is to purchase Mont Blanc pen if I can have enough money in another ten years.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Good old memories, during our high school days, owning a Hero pen was a status symbol in our class. The maroon colour with the gold cap was my favourite that I treasured for few years. It used to be fun to dip the nib end into the Bril inkpot and then watch the rubber tubing fill up when the finger pressure was released. This was different from many Indian pens, the other difference was the lesser ink stains in shirt pockets when I had the hero pen.

    Few other things I remember vividly is the small sleek Japan steel scale 15cms one and the imported Tintin & Asterix comic books.

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    I started my schooling with a slate and a chalk pencil. Slowly, I was allowed to use one stick with metal nib and separate ink-pot. I remember I used to be very happy with this combination. I took my first lesson on nationality and Gandhi by writing the dictation of the teacher with that combination. Then I was allowed to use a fountain pen. Things became easier. I enjoyed writing with ink-pen. Now, I like writing with gel pen.

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    This thread makes me recall how a Hero Pen was considered a prized possession in our school days. It was only when I reached my school final class that I got a Hero Pen. Hero Pen were the most apt present or gift given to students. I got my Hero Pen as a present for becoming the Best Student. That gave me relief from the tradition leaking pens . It was Hero pen that brought the filler-tube culture. There came many imitations and soon Hero was overshadowed.
    Advent of ball pens changed our habits. It is decades since I had used an ink pen.

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